Christmas Stocking Cake

So, this cake was supposed to be taken from this months UK edition of Cake Craft & Decoration! Well what should have been an easy cake turned into a nightmare cake for me! Firstly I coloured by own fondant, never reaching the colour in the sugarflair pot, texture of fondant not good hence elephant skin and creases. Attempted the cross stitch effect with awful piping
Cross stitch grid looked too big so I improvised and covered it with a strip of fondant and attempted piping using pinpoint guide, not sure if it was the 0 tip or royal icing consistency but just couldn’t get it to flow!
So ever resourceful I removed that strip and replaced with another, out came the cutters and hence a different take on the stocking cake.
Feeling rather deflated I sent cake to school fair with #1 son. And low and behold my cake ended up on its own stall with the option of earning up to £25 for the school, so all good in the end!

Supplies: maderia sponge buttercream fondant

Tools: circle cutter daisy cutter frill cutter stitching tool

Tags: christmas stocking festive festive season

Sarah x


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MsGF ...


June ("Clarky's Cakes") ...

I think it looks delightful..never know you had problems!!

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Sarah's cakes ...

Thanks Guys x x

Sarah's cakes ...

The disaster shot!!! Cake ended up making £118 for school :0)
Potential was £125 not £25 as previously stated, maths def not a talent of mine lol!!

Star Cakes ...

Great cake!

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Christmas Stocking Cake