Tangled Cake

Daily Top 3 - Jul 15, 2012

Tangled Cakes is two tier. Bottom size 12" Vanilla cake with strawberry filling, top tier size 8"chocolate cake with chocolate bavarian filling. Both crumb coated w/ buttercream and covered with fondant. The tower size 4" vanilla covered in buttercream and royal for stability and covered with fondant and fondant embellishments. The roof of it was make out of RKT. I had this towered specially made, by my husband. He used for base 20" wood and base of tower 5" round wood used 1" Galv. Floor flange on both. The middle portion measured 24" long.. and Thank God this was very secure and super stable. To assemble I had to make holes on cake boards on both size 12",8" and holes also on the cakes. the tower just sat on top of the base.. It was a bit complicated to assemble, but I was very pleased with the end results. Also confident that the tower would not collapse cause it was highly secured ;) http://www.facebook.com/perfectindulgencecakesmariacazarez

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Maria Cazarez https://www.facebook.com/mariacazarezcakesandsugarart/


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cupcakes of salisbury ...

love it x

Maria Cazarez Cakes and Sugar Art ...

thank you @Cupcakes of Salisbury :)

Elilovescakes ...

wow! great job on this one ;) i love it x

Monica ...

Lovely cake, love the colors. Well done.

Joann Smith ...

Beautiful. I love it.

Susie ...

Love all the lovely details.

Selena ...

I love this. and so does my daughter ;) great job on this one and as all of your work.

Catherine ...

Stunning! I bet this made the little girl turn head over heels on her b-day.

Aurora Villanueva ...


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Tangled Cake