Jubilee Cake - Red, White & Blue

The cake recipe was taken from Fold in the Flour – it was gorgeous! Light, moist, vanillary (is that a real word?)

I didn’t use the cream-cheese frosting because my one of my friends can’t eat cheese so I layered mine with buttercream and seedless raspberry jam before covering the whole thing with buttercream and then fondant.

The fondant was extremely badly behaved and kept tearing no matter how thick or thin I rolled it. I ended up adding some CMC to it to firm it up a little and even then it still tore and had to be patched up in places. Because it was being so evil, I decided to roll enough only to go halfway down the cake and was going to add red and blue stripes around the bottom. The coloured stuff was even more unruly than the white (which was hardly white and more ivory), I will be avoiding this particular brand like the plague in future!

I ended up using more of the white/ivory paste as a second strip around the bottom of the cake leaving an unsightly join. I managed to hide this with the crown design which was cut with a Patchwork Cutter (I used the back of the crown). Prettied everything up with gold and bronze lustre dusts adding just a hint of red and blue on the side panels and some stripes to the boards – the stripes in all honesty only ended up there because the joins in the board covering were unsightly but they hid them really well.

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Carol, Maidenhead UK, http://offtherailscakes.co.uk


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Jubilee Cake - Red, White & Blue