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Daily Top 3 - May 28, 2012

It’s not after I have completed Dora in her standing position that I realised she will be too heavy to stay upright by herself on a little cupcake. So I cut a very thick base to let her stand on and glued an ice cream stick to her back to provide the extra support. (The ice cream stick runs all the way through the fondant base and cake)
My fiancé had to drive r e a l s l o w for the delivery and I had to hold on to her the entire journey as she was wobbling a bit here and there. I don’t think she would have survived the journey if the customer were to pick the order up herself. I would think twice before making 3D figurines of solid fondant for cupcakes in the future, or at least till I find a solution for it….Dora did teach me a lesson after all! :)

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Sheryl BITO ...

and oh…I will go easy on Dora’s eyeliner in the future! hahaha

Tea Party Cakes ...

These cupcakes are wonderful!

Sheryl BITO ...

thank you Naomi! ?

Deema ...

I’m in love with all your work!! you always leave me in awe!!

Sheryl BITO ...

thank you Deema, you’re too kind! x

Lesley Wright ...

Well, I’ve seen better Doras recently, as you know. ;-) BWAHAHAAA! I kid, obviously. These are spectacular!

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Dora and friends