mine craft cake

So when I first got the call about doing a.mine craft cake I was.like no problem well after doing this cake I dont.think I want to do another and if I do oh boy I’m Gann a charge a lot more I stayed up for nights cutting squares and making panels for the squares to go on there are a lot of things I would have done differently but what cake is there that u think to yourself well maybe I should have done this.or wow that sucks I wanna redo it but redoing is in realistic …I have never covered a.square cake in fondant before and at that that large next time I’m going to cover it in Ganache I think it will help make the edges sharper but all in all I’m very proud of this cake … now after finishing this cake I really feel that I can do anything lol…when seeing the customer walk through the door and the gasp and excitement on their face it made all those sleepless nights well worth it


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Elli Warren ...

You did a fantastic job Amber!!! Can see the hard work you put into cutting out all those squares!! Well done!!! :-) x

Elizabeth Miles Cake Design ...

I feel your pain with the Minecraft cake and I only did one layer. I am not sure I would do another one either. You did a great job!

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mine craft cake