Daily Top 3 - Nov 15, 2011

Yoda Grooms kake

Tags: yoda star wars wedding

Kasey, Houston TX, www.faceboook.com/kakesbyklassic


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Loren Ebert ...

Whoa!!! That is amazing!!! Can you give us any insight as to how you made it? Incredible!! :o)

Kasey ...

Loren, thank you so much! his body is a big ol chunk of chocolate pound kake, and his head/arms are cereal treats. he has a center dowel connected to the board running straight through him ( i placed the frozen iced kake on top of the dowel with some help so i could get it centered) and then I cut a small 3 " diameter 1/8 piece of wood (well, the boyfriend did anyways) and then drilled a hole through the size of the dowel, and slid it on and supported it from sinking with a few straws. his head is cereal treats covered in two layers of fondant withs ome fondant detail underneath the initial layer. then i just scratched designs into it and airbrushed and hand painted him, then cut away the final layer to reveal his eyes and painted those. wow, thsi must soud confusing….o_O

Kat ...

Show stealer…………

If I ever attempt anything close to this, may the force be with me!

I’m in awe Kasey!!

Kasey ...

Kat- LOL! just message me here or on facebook, and id be happy to walk you through it! you crack me up.

Kasey ...

yay for top 3 on Nov 15th! =D so neato

Karen ...

wow! This is amazing work. You rock!

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