Movie Time

This movie theater cake was made for a young boy turning 9. We made 176 pieces of fondant popcorn to put on it. The film reel and all other decorations are also handmade from fondant. This was a very fun cake to make once I finished making all the popcorn. 😊

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Maggie ...

Lovely! You did a great job on the popcorn!

Wicked Cake Girls ...

Thank you Maggie. It took me about an hour to figure out how to do it. My kids kept coming over and saying “that DOES NOT look like popcorn”!! ☺

Maggie ...

Lol! I had to laugh at your comment! Kids are unfortunately so innocently truthful! Trust me this popcorn of yours looks absolutely edible and yummy!

Little Apple Cakes ...

So cool, how many popcorn did you have to make!!?

Znique Creations ...

So lovely!

Wicked Cake Girls ...

We used 176 pieces on the cake. I kept making more and more saying “this will be enough”. But it wasn’t. 😊
Kids are great to have around. Their honesty has saved me more than once. When they finally told me it looked like popcorn I knew I had it right.

SugarMagicCakes (Christine) ...

Awesome! It all looks great, love the film reel and now I want popcorn! New follower here xx

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Movie Time