Epilepsy Cupcake Challenge SA

I was commissioned to do a selection for our National Epilepsy Foundation. The branch won!

My idea was to portray normal kids and adults in activities and careers, yet each has epilepsy. With correct medication and therapy, they can live normal lives and do everything they want! The little flame symbol is in every pic and is part of their logo.

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Princess Crème


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Kateřina Lončáková ...

great job

Cake Heart ...


Little Apple Cakes ...

They are adorable!

Jeanne Winslow ...

A wonderful tribute to a foundation trying to do so much good for more people than the world realizes. This one is close to my heart. Congratulations Princess Creme – well done!

Princess Crème ...

Thank you everyone! :) It was such an honor to be a part of it!

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Epilepsy Cupcake Challenge SA