The Modern Easter Story

These cupcakes are my modern take on the Easter story. They read from left to right, starting on the top level.
1. New chick is born.
2. 20 ‘chicken years’ later, the chick starts to lay it’s own eggs.
3. Late one night the Easter bunny steals the eggs when the chicks are asleep.
4. He then carts the eggs of to the factory ‘Egg Inc’.
5. The other rabbits at the factory then work late into the night, painting and decorating the eggs.
6. The Easter bunny then sneaks out once again to deliver the Eggs to the children ready for Easter Morning.

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Jerri, Somerset UK,


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Deema ...

a lot of detals! must have taken you forever to finish this set! but totally worth the time :) beautiful!

Jerri ...

Thank you Deemz! They took about 2 hours for each cake topper – I was surprised, when I designed them I thought they would take days for each one! x

Jacque McLean - Major Cakes ...

The detail is amazing!!

Taima ...

Love all the detaills

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The Modern Easter Story