Elena Z

Advice/Ideas for a 30th Birthday/Superbowl party cake (female) 7

Hi everyone! I need help coming up with a simple but thoughtful cake idea for a girlfriend who is turning 30 and hosting a SuperBowl/Birthday party at her house. It’ll probably be for about 30 ppl and though I want it to be more for her...

Becky Pendergraft

Chocolate Espresso Cupcake Recipe 11

In honor of Valentine’s Day, thought I’d share what is my ABSOLUTE favorite chocolate cupcake recipe – my super-moist chocolate espresso! I have paired this delectable cupcake with so many different flavors of frostings – peppermint white...

Slice of Sweet Art

Help! Chocolate & Nut Allergies!!!! 5

I have a few cake orders coming up with known nut allergies and they want chocolate cake and/or chocolate butter cream, however, all the chocolate I’ve worked with have a disclaimer on their packaging that states the product is processed on...

Shameless Sweets by Sarah

Help with cake saying 3

I am doing a bithday cake for an 18 year old microbiology major. Her mom told me that she is “quirky and sarcastic with a weird sense of humor.” So I am doing a bacteria and viruses cake. I’m going to make figures of various bacteria and diseases...

Joyce Nimmo

Can I fill my cake with butter cream icing, carve it and then freeze for later? 5

I’m preparing a cake and want to fill it with butter cream, carve it and freeze if for later decorating with fondant. I have more time now, however when the cake is due I will be very short on time so I’m trying to work smart. The cake will only...


What Happenned To My Cake? 7

This is the first time baking this chocolate fruitcake (or any fruitcake for that matter). When I got them out of the tin/s this morning (left overnight to cool in the tins) and turned them upside down they both have large dents in the...


How do I deliver this cake without it falling? 7

I would like to make a sitting Spongebob cake for an order next Friday (like the photo), but it has to be a buttercream finish. It’s so tall and narrow I’m not sure how I would deliver it 30 minutes away without messing up the finish. If it was...

Sweet Heaven Cakes

Rhinestone Sweet Sixteen Cake Topper 2

Hy everybody.. I need to do a 16 for a Topsy Turvy Cake. I saw some prices on the web and these kind of topper are TOO EXPENSIVE So I decide to do that Some ideas please?

Royal icing/buttercream 1

Hello, I’m in the middle of making a doggie birthday for my son for his birthday tomorrow. However, I’m now at the point of doing the hair… The body is covered in sugarpaste but I want a really fluffy look… Do I use buttercream or royal icing,...

Would you like to be able to post buttercream cupcakes to friends, family and customers 6

Hi Everyone Brand new to this great site and thought we would ask you what you think. Would you like to be able to send your cupcakes via courier/or mail to your nearest and dearest or customers? In the UK we have been asked by our...

Three tier cake 4

Hi all, I am a hobby baker and about to make my grandsons 2nd birthday cake, my daughter wants a 3 tier !! I’ve just baked the bottom tier 10inch chocolate and it’s 2inch high I will cut it and fill it but was wondering do I need to make another...


3d tonka truck 3

Hi there, so I have been asked to quote for a 3d tonka truck to feed 50. I have just started charging people for my cakes and am struggling with pricing big time! My hubby is insistent I stop charging 20 cents an hour for my time! Lol! And...


help please 4

Hi Ladies i have a order for this cake and i need to make this cake topper in fondant/gumpast no cake whats’ the most ’easy way to do it? Thanks for your wonderfull help!

Sweet Traditions

Leather texture? 4

Hi all! I will be making a book cake for my daughters future mother in law’s 50th Birthday next week. Any fabulous ideas on how to create a leather look on fondant? Thanks in advance Nan

Sweet Traditions

Poured sugar for magnifying glass? 1

Hi all any great recipes/ideas for making the glass part of a magnifying glass. I’m making a Nancy Drew themed 50th birthday cake and thought an edible magnifying glass would be fun. Thanks in advance Nancy


Fall Into Sugar Cake Show 2

Our 2nd Annual Cake Show will be held on May 18, 2013.We have Divisions for Youth up to Professional and we also have 2 categories for Tasting Competition. Door Prize Drawing for all Entries!!! www.fallintosugar.webs.com

Emine Pazan

How to airplane cake (urgent) 5

Hi I need to make this cake. They want strawberry flavour. Which cake recipe can I use? And do you have any tips or how to’s? Thank you so much kind Regards Emine

Katrina's Cupn Cakes

White chocolate cake recipe 0

Heya cakey people,I was just wondering if anyone had a trusty white chocolate cake recipe,I have tried a few but none that I have been %100 happy with,thank you!


Fall Into Sugar Cake Show June 29, 2013! Oak Ridge, TN 0

East TN Sugar Artists PRESENTS: FALL INTO SUGAR CAKE SHOW JUNE 29, 2013 YWCA 1660 OAK RIDGE TURNPIKE, OAK RIDGE, TN 37830 12 PM – 5 PM For more Details go to our NEWS Link! www.fallintosugar.webs.com First 50 Entries get a Gift Bag full of...

Tatiana Diaz - Posh Tea Time

Bentley GT continental cake 2

Hello to everyone I need to make a Bentley GT continental cake for this Sunday, this will be my 1st car. I have downloaded the dimensions from Blueprint but I am not sure how big my cake needs to be for 15 servings. Anyone can help? Thanks in...