Pazzles vs. Silhouette 4

Hello there! I’m planning to buy a cutter for my cake decorations, definitely the cricut cake is out of the picture because of the cartridges, but I found this 2 other options, the pazzles and the silhouette cameo...

Fondant on cake 11

Hi i am new to Fondant icing and was curious to know – do people eat the fondant covering the cake. I often find it is peeled off when people eat the cake. thanks


Attaching ribbon to fondant? 18

Hey all, I am nt sure how to attach ribbon, real ribbon, to a fondant covered cake? Also, which type of ribbon to use? And can you attach it to buttercream, not just fondant? Also how would attach ribbon in three places on one tier, for example a...

Pam and Nina's Crafty Cakes

Cookie cutters 2

Hi everyone, We were just wondering what everyones “can’t live without cookie cutters” are. You know the ones that you use to cut fondant and use all the time. We don’t have that many, even though it does make cutting shapes so much easier...


Fondant: what brand do you prefer 10

Hey everyone, I have been using the wilton brand fondant (only started decorating a few months ago), but someone told me there is better out there. I wanted to get some insight on what brand fondant you prefer and why? Also, do you prefer...

Nikki Belleperche

Ordering Satin Ice Online 10

I have a big wedding cake coming up that is going to be covered in all red and black fondant. I don’t normally use satin ice because its so expensive for me but I need pre-colored black and red fondant. I’m looking to get around 15-20lbs of each...

Chevron Stripes? 5

I’m looking for a detailed tutorial on how to make fondant chevron stripes on a cake like in the image below. I get the general gist of how to do it, but I’d love to see the process in a tutorial to see how they keep everything lined up well. ...

Scrummy Mummy's Cakes

How to apply silver leaf to fondant? 2

Does anyone have any secret method for applying silver leaf to fondant? I am trying to coat 4 monoblock large letters for a wedding cake and they look rather tatty at the moment so any advice would be gladly received x

Applying a fondant number 3

I need advice on how to apply a fondant/gumpaste number 5 to the top of a half-sheet cake, please. I’m making a Disney Cars cake with the number designed like a street (black with yellow lines). I’ve only tried once before to apply fondant decs...


How do I deliver this cake without it falling? 7

I would like to make a sitting Spongebob cake for an order next Friday (like the photo), but it has to be a buttercream finish. It’s so tall and narrow I’m not sure how I would deliver it 30 minutes away without messing up the finish. If it was...

Nikki Belleperche

Less Sweet Cakes- Help! 10

I have someone who really wants me to do a cake for her but she says she hates sweet cakes. She hates buttercream and has never had fondant. I told her that in my opinion fondant doesnt taste sweet but I have only ever worked with buttercream and...


Gum paste/ fondant figures 14

I live in a hot and humid country where it rains often. When I make my figures out of gum paste or 50-50, it takes weeks to firm up. One week after I’ve made all the pieces (head, torso, limbs, clothing….) when I try to assemble the figure, the...

Double Barrel Dummies 2

I’m decorating a dummy cake for display, and I want to make a double-barrel. My question is, How do I attach two 6" dummies so I can cover them together. And how to I make the seam appear smooth, since the dummies aren’t actually perfectly shaped...

Jodie Taylor

Jake and the never land pirates help .. Thank you :) 4

Iam going to make these characters for a Jake and the Neverland pirates cake for the weekend and I was wondering if anybody knew of any tutorials for them, Thank You :) xxx Jake Peter Pan Tinkerbell Captain Hook Thank you again xxxx

Maria @ RooneyGirl BakeShop

Has anyone used Martellato Fondant? 0

Hi, My local bakery wholesaler is carrying Martellato fondant. It’s Italian. Has anyone ever used this and what are your reviews on it? I don’t think I’ve ever come across a baker that uses it? thanks!


Cutting out 2D Fondant Pieces 6

Hi All, I’m making a cake for my daughter next month. It will be iced with buttercream but I would love to do a flat fondant decoration to place either on the side of the cake or on top but I’ve never done that before. I tried last night just...

Emily Herrington

Pasta Machine for fondant? 2

Does anyone use one for rolling out even pieces? What brand do you recommend?

HELP! how to make brown fondant 6

I have white and ivory fondant and I what to make chocolate brown WITHOUT using chocolate. It is for a lemon cake so chocolate really won’t go with the flavor. I can make a nice taupe with brown and black. Any suggestions???

Another Shoe Question... 4

OK, So I’ve actually looked at EVERY single post on shoe templates, even good, and did Pintrest even instagramed and asked questions left and right, North and South and I can’t seem to get any REAL answers. So I turn to my trust Cakes Decor...

Cake Addiction Education and Supply LLC

CALLING ALL SUGER ARTISTS...need your input, please! 3

I’m posting here because you are all looking for tools and supplies at some point and as a group, have varying degrees of sugar art experience and needs. We are opening a new school/store in February and are trying to figure out what to stock...

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