Julie Cain




Painting onto black fondant

Hi Everyone,
Just wondering if anyone has any advice about painting onto black fondant. Or if anyone can recommend a tutorial.
I’m hoping to paint in orange and pink tones but I’m not sure what to use. Thanks in advance, Julie xx

-- Julie Cains Cakes


Roo's Little Cake Parlour

Hi Julie I have just made a cake and painted on black sugar paste. I just mixed my gel/paste colours with some americolour white and it worked really well, in fact much more forgiving than on white. I hadn’t posted the cake on here as I think my actual painting was a bit ropey (flowers too clumped together, will think out the balance more carefully next time). I will post it on here to give you and idea of how the colours actually worked out.

Julie Cain

Fantastic cake, and thank you, I’ll mix the colours with white first xx

Angel, The Cupcake Lady

I was just looking for help on the same topic! I have tried painting with a gel colour straight onto the black and it seems to pick up the black and change colour completely! Especially white! :( Does it need to be thinned with some alcohol first?