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Baby ruffles rump box present cake 3

Hi Gang, Does anyone have a tutorial for the baby rump with ruffles present box cake. It has been around for a couple of years, but I am unable to locate with the rump sticking out of the present box? thanks

Which tip to pipe these ruffles? 1

Hi! Can anyone tell me how these ruffles are done?  Could it be a wilton 86 tip? I’ve been searching online but the only techniques I can find use a petal tip in  zig zag up and down motion rather than the single sweeping motion in...

CuriAUSSIEty  Cakes

CakesDecor Gazette: Issue 4.10 / October 2015 20

The Gazette is out folks with a completely new section talking about my new favorite things as well as highlighting some of the great things that have been happening in the cakey world. I hope you all enjoy it and as always I love hearing your...

The Little Cake Company

buttercream with meringue 20

there is a theme to all my forum topics…. buttercream!! lol. So Im doing a cake for a friend who doesn’t like fondant (neither do I lol). the buttercream recipe I use has meringue powder in it. I was going to make ruffles and roses on the...

Raewyn Read Cake Design

Oh humidity...why do you hate me so? 14

Here is the full Editorial from this months Cakes Decor Gazette, I got a little carried away and had to trim ALOT of it…sorry Michal haha! Full March Editorial Well good riddance February! I won’t miss your horrible humidity that storms our...

Buttercream Ombre Ruffles Tutorial

I like taking things that are done in fondant, and creating the look and feel in buttercream. This weekend, I worked on this cake and I thought I’d share the process of how I did the buttercream ombre ruffles. The cake shown is has a 9" base...

Easy Buttercream Ruffles

Ruffles are everywhere these days, and recently I had a bride want ruffles on her wedding cake. But not fondant ruffles – Oh no, she wanted butter cream ruffles. So I took a few hours to figure them out and I documented the process. Let’s...

Sugar Ruffles

This short video shows how I made sugar ruffles. I used 400g of Sugar Florist Paste to cover a 9" cake.