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Brush embroidery 5

Hello. I’ve been looking at various tutorials on brush embroidery and have seen royal icing, buttercream and watered down sugarpaste all used. Any advice on the different mediums? Which do you prefer?

Bee Siang

Royal Icing Recipe for Brush Embroidery 2

Hi everyone…I need some help with royal icing recipe for brush embroidery. Anyone can help? Thank you so much.

royal icing 4

hi could anyone tell me how to make royal icing for brush embroidery please i dont seem to get it right , many thanks

Please help! Complex decoration on cake 1

Hi everybody I would really appreciate your advice on how you would do the quilting on the top-tier and the embroidery/decorations on the middle tier. What material/tools/ingredients do I need? I only have a date order or it will be too late if...

Kristina Rado classes. 0

Kristina Rado is an award-winning cake and cookie decorating artist, with expertise in Royal Icing, flower making and painting. She combines various techniques in the amazing designs that she’ll teach in these two classes. Classes will be held in...

Tutorial - Brush Embroidery

What is Brush Embroidery? It is a decorative technique used in sugar craft art. A paintbrush is stroked through royal icing leaving behind brush strokes which resemble stitching in fabric. It looks so beautiful and effective and it is not...

brush embroidery cookie

Royal icing brush embroidery lace effect

Using royal icing to make a brush embroidery lace effect on a cake board. If you like the videos, please subscribe for more content ( it’s free! ) and be sure to share the videos with your friends.