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Ideas & Pointers Needed for Relief Pan Cakes Decoration 0

Hi all! Months ago I found this site and was so excited to begin making cakes; however, I am also a grad student and when classes began in August, I had no idea how time consuming this semester would become! I’ve barely been able to do my normal...

Dinki Cupcakes

Introduction 19

Hi there, I am new to the forum and quite new to baking. I am a hobby baker, doing it as a stress relief from the day job for friends and family. I really enjoy the decorating side of it, particularly cupcakes and have doing it for less than a...

Modern wedding cake. 7

My idea of a modern wedding cake was to keep it simple , uncluttered with clean lines and celebrate natural material with neutral color pallete. Inspired from the naturally occurring textures on earth surface and man made textures. Medium :...

Dinki Cupcakes

Hi 0

Hi everyone, I’m new to Cakesdecor and just wanted to introduce myself. I’m Donna and a hobby baker, decorating cakes and cupcakes for friends and family as a stress relief from the busy day job. There are some amazing cakes and artistry on...

Lisa Salerno

The cake that never was ! 11

Hi everyone I was recently asked to make a speedway cake ( essentially a mud track in a field with a spectator stand ) after six hours of decorating and much stomach churning I realised the cake was awful !! I took the step to contact my friend...

Bas relief with Pasta Scultura Saracino

Hello Here’s a short video about using the Scultura paste to make iris flowers: Pasta Scultura Saracino is especially suitable for hand made works because becomes ductile under hand contact. I kindly invite you to watch this video

Buttercream Peony Bas Relief Wedding Cake for ACD Magazine

Hi all, This is my latest – a blue peony buttercream 3 tier number for ACD Magazine’s buttercream issue (April 2017 – out now). There’s a free video tutorial and peony piping pictorial up, I thought you might like to see: and the blog...

Cupcakes & Cakes: General #5: What to Use Gumpaste or Fondant? Figurines, Bas Relief, Bows, Borders... No flowers today, but hope someone finds this useful