Gravity Cakes

M and M, Gravity Defying, Cake 5

Looking for some advice on creating an M&M gravity defying cake. What do others use for the packet? I am considering using an actual packet and securing it with wire inside. Or is it better to print off picture of packet on to fondant? All...

Anti gravity cake 3

Made this cake for my daughter’s birthday.

Angel, The Cupcake Lady

Anyone Have a Gravity-Defying Cake Tutorial!? 3

I would love to try one, but I have no idea where to even start!

Lets's share our gravity defying cakes 3

After reading the latest issue of CAKE magazine, I was just blown away at some of the cakes that were featured in the Gravity Defying Cakes section. The featured cake decorators had taken novelty cakes to a whole new level and I am in awe of...

Gravity Defying Chocolate Cake

I loved the challenge of creating my first Gravity Defying Cake. If you have the right support system you can create endless designs to make anyone speechless. The cake I am showing you is on a much smaller scale, so you may need more...


Sometimes, when creating decorations, we need to use some sort of holders to dry things in the shape that we want. For example, we can create a dome shape using a bowl. There are some products on the market for this purpose and or course, we...

Gravity structure Hello my sweet friends, in this video I show you how I made the structure of my Ganesha that I modeled with chocolate, I hope that it will serve as a guide for your works