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PAINTED CAKES and Sugar Flowers #8: Painting BUTTERCREAM CAKE , Watercolour Effect

https://youtu.be/5E6Ck9HUxe0 Who didn’t know you can paint on BUTTERCREAM? ( Hands UP! :):):) Surprisingly you can and it’s not even all that hard! Here’s a Tutorial I’d recorded, hope you find it interesting or useful or both. Thanks for...

Marble looking buttercream cake.


Innovative buttercream fruit & flowers: #1: pomegranate & blossom wreath cake

Hi all, I’ve started a new series of unique & unusual buttercream cake tutorials on my Youtube channel. The first is up, it’s a pomegranate & pomegranate flower (technically speaking it’s actually the sepals post petal fall, but...

Diamond Buttercream Quilting Technique

I posted this to my blog this morning, but I wasn’t sure if I could share videos on here or not. In this video, I present the method I use to get a diamond / harlequin effect on my buttercream cakes. Hope you enjoy!

A Bite of Buttercream #10: Using a Silicone Mold with Buttercream

Using Buttercream in a mold?? Sorcery!! Well no actually, it’s easier than you might think, and opens up a whole world of design and decoration opportunities. As well as fondant/gumpaste/modelling chocolate, you can use silicone molds with...

Chocolate ganache Sprinkle Drip Cake

Hi and welcome back to my kitchen. So the drip cake is definitely here to stay, it is such a great way to create a fun cake. In this video tutorial I am going to show you how I made this pretty buttercream cake which is covered in...

Buttercream Rose Cake Decorating Tutorial

Hi and welcome back to my kitchen. In this weeks cake decorating video tutorial I am going to show you how I made this pretty buttercream cake with small rosette roses around the edge. This tutorial is perfect if your a beginner to...

How to Make a Painted Buttercream Brushstroke Cake

I felt like an artist created this beautifully textured painted buttercream cake. Full tutorial on my channel: https://youtu.be/qdraYUWX0wk

Floral buttercream gift box cake tutorial (video)

Hi all, New video tutorials now up – how to pipe ombre buttercream ranunculus, bright poppies & rosebuds, and use them for an all buttercream floral gift box cake with floating lid, and cute buttercream tassels. As usual I used my own...

Pink Roses Buttercream bouquet cake

Learn how to pipe tiny jasmine, roses and buds and assemble a buttercream flower bouquet cake in variety of pink shades.