Michelle Donnelly

Shellbake new business 1

Hi Everyone, My name is Michelle :-) my business is called Shellbake which your all welcome to look at on facebook. This is the first Forum I have ever been on so please bear with me :-). I started up my cake business 22 months ago and love...

Sell it cheap because you are just starting- right or wrong? 6

A friend of a friend asked if I could make 20 cake pops for her kid’ s birthday. She wanted to know the price. She wanted mickey mouse cake pops. I told my friend that i would charge 3$ per piece. I have not started my cake buisness as yet (due...

Yolanda Marshall

Does anyone have any advice on how to get more Facebook traffic ("likes")? 4

Hello everyone! Just wondering if anyone can give me some ideas on how to increase my Facebook traffic? What things can you suggest that I can do to get more likes on my business page? Thanks! Yolanda

Yolanda Marshall

What are good ways to promote and market a new Cake business and start getting customers? 4

I am a pretty new business (a year into it), and I am wondering what kind of things I can do to start marketing and promoting my business to get more customers at a more quicker pace. I make cake bites, cake pops, and cake bite cakes. Right now I...

Karen's Kakery

I made the cake for Ideal World TV's 15th Bithday celebration today. 29

Hi everyone, just wanted to share with you my little bit of fame for this month. I was asked to make the celebration cake for Ideal World which launches it’s Birthday celebration week from 5pm today. It didn’t end up as large as I thought it...

Tina Salvo Cakes

bad cake day today 2

.. just feeling a bit sad, yah i know ‘its just a cake’… but its my pride okay.. when u are almost done and u are beating the last hour to deadline and disasters happens.. helpless and clueless what to do. i want to cry but all i can do was laugh...

Permit approved today.. 1

I went on monday got a call today and I was given my permit number and said I could start today.. Hmm that seemed too easy after taking apart every recipe was done. In shock really that this is true but happy..

Shelley Redekop

Fun new Christmas Collaboration Revealed TODAY! 0

I am so proud to be a part of this collaboration! 18 artists from around the globe contributed to being Santa’s elves to bring you the many faces, feelings, memories and magic of Christmas! Hit up the facebook page for photos or visit youtube...

Michal Bulla

Woohoo, Proud Father :) 170

Hey all my friends, I just wanted to share my happiness with you. Today, early morning, I become father of our second daughter Dominika.

Julia Hardy

Sugarflair Pastes Gripe - Update.....drumroll please..... 57

Today I emailed Sugarflair to ask them to put colour name labels on the tops of the lids. Surely I am not the only one who has to pick up at least five little pots until I get the one I want. It drives me crazy! I have made my own labels in the...

Fifi's Cakes

Suicide. The Reality 46

I am compelled and saddened to share this with you. It is a long script, please read to the end if you can? Please do NOT share this anywhere outside of CakesDecor, most specifically Facebook. This is the desperately sad story of a victim...

Michal Bulla

Kate Wagner from The Greedy Baker wins cancer battle! 43

It was around a year ago, when our good member Raewyn Read told me that her friend and one of one of our members Kate Wagner from The Greedy Baker was diagnosed cancer just 2 days after her son was born. I’ve never met Kate, but it really made...

Michal Bulla

200, 000 Cakes Milestone Reached! And the winner is ... 42

Woohoo, after 4 years of celebrating first 1, 000 cakes, we just reached the 200, 000 cakes milestone today. What an amazing source of inspiration we created together! There were 191 guesses posted and the winner is Ponona Cakes – Elena...

Melanie Mangrum

Impossible customer requests 33

I’m sure I’m not the only one here that has had some interesting requests from customers. I work really hard to appease as many as I can. Today though, I think I received a request that takes the cake!! This customer sent me this pic that I’ve...

Cakeicer (Shirley)

Gumpaste Poppies 32

Working on some gumpaste Poppies today.

Sweet Dreams by Heba

Couture Cakers are baaaaack!!! 32

For the second year in a row, I’m so proud to host the Couture Cakers collaboration!! This year, we have many more members participating and even more beautiful pieces to show you in our virtual fashion show!! :) You’re all invited to the...

Tartas Imposibles

Welcome to Cakeflix Collaboration! 32

Hi lovies!! I’m so happy to introduce you to our new international public collaboration: CAKEFLIX. With more than 300 pieces to make a tribute to the world of Cinema and Series. Hope you like, all pieces are really amazing and beautiful. ...

Cakeicer (Shirley)

Giving Up Cake Art 29

I had set a time limit for myself on when I would give up doing cakes, and that was at age 80. I turned 80 in April so haven’t spent much time lately on cakesdecor. I just came by this evening to catch up. All of you are doing such lovely work...

Blossom Dream Cakes - Angela Morris

Back to the Grindstone! 28

Hello friends! Popping in to give my apologies for my long absence over the summer…… I was due to undergo some planned treatment in hospital which thankfully ultimately proved unnecessary. As I had kept my order book free I instead had the...

Raquel García

"Greco Roman- An International Cake Challenge" 27

You can now visit the “Greco Roman-An International Cake Challenge” collaboration page. You can see the incredible works that 104 sugar artists have done! You can not lose it … Ya pueden visitar la página de la colaboración “Greco Roman- An...

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