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Birch Wood on buttercream? 4

How can I do this cake in buttercream? How do you get the brown lines/design in there? I’ve never done this kinda thing on buttercream before. Is it paint or do you smear it in while you’re icing the cake or something else?

Dis Sweet Delights

Wood grain effect - how to do 3

Hi. I have not made cakes for a few years now due to a back injury. My daughter in law has asked me to make her baby shower cake and lives this wood effect. Could anyone tell me how to get this effect .Thank you in advance.

Woody's Bakes

Woody's Bakes, back again! 3

Hello! I have not been online recently due to my busy schedule, but wanted to explain to all of you, what i’ve been up to! Firstly i am proud to say that all the way back in March, i got a Certifcate of Merit for my Oscar the Grouch Cake, in...

Rustic "Wood" wedding cake help? 2

I need to make a cake like this, what do you recommend to make it so that the lines in the “bark” are white and the rest are brown?

Sweet ObsesShan

Shannon (Sweet ObsesShan) 33

Hi Everyone, I am a mom of 5 children ages 28, 25, 20,15, and 14. One girl (she is the oldest) and 4 boys. I have 2 grandchildren ages 4 and 1. My sweet husband is Ty and he is so supportive of my cake craziness. He even has cleaned up my...

Sugar&Spice by NA

Stacking a wedding cake 11

Please I have a question: Usually if I have a 3/4 tiered cake, I put dowels under each cake to support the weight. But I saw in all video tutorials that at the end they put a long wooden stick that is put from the upper tier until the last one....

Raewyn Read Cake Design

Man Bakes Cake for Amy! 9

We all love Rudy of Man Bakes Cake and his fabulous work but did you know that he recently made a cake (one of my faves) for the opening night of “Into The Woods” being performed on an incredible set in Central Park, New York? His brilliant...

Maria @ RooneyGirl BakeShop

How to support a 5 tier cake? 9

Hi, up to now my cakes have been small enough that bubble tea straws have sufficed but I have a 5 tier wedding cake to do next month and I’m sure the straws just won’t cut it. Should I use wood dowels or poly dowels or would you suggest I use a...

First Time! 7

Hi there – very long story, cut about 50 years short: Himself and I were looking to invest some money we had inherited and we were also sick of where we were and what we were doing. 3 years ago I had bacterial meningitis, he was working for...

Angel, The Cupcake Lady

Do You Cover Up...? 4

I don’t know about you – but as much as I love cooking and baking shows on TV, one of the things that drives me up the wall is that almost nobody covers their hair! I am super neurotic about someone finding a hair in one of my cakes or cupcakes...

Buttercream icing 3

Hi Everyone, I live in South Africa and use Woodenspoon (like a veg fat) and icing sugar to make my buttercream with a bit of milk. The icing sugar always tastes too sweet. Any ideas on what I can do to help “unsweeten” my buttercream. I have...

Tomahawk steak cake 2

This was for a father’s 50th birthday. The steak is made of chocolate cake with a fudge filling, buttercream icing and covered in fondant. The bone is gum paste as are the vegetables – potatoes, asparagus, and mushrooms. The wooden board is...

Guidance Needed with Making this Wedding Cake 1

My brother is getting married in two weeks time and I was asked to make this five tier wedding cake (pink flowers instead). Its kind of like a gift. He is providing the cost of the ingredients and materials. Based on what they could afford, I...


New Kid on the Block 0

Hello everyone, My name is Arisha better known as “Risha” and I am a cake decorating Addict! I spend hours online searching new cake designs and sugar decorations, and when I am not doing that I am in the kitchen baking & decorating cakes...

Bakery Butler

3 Keys to Converting Web Visitors into Customers 0

During an average day for Bakery Butler we come across many websites for bakeries who are interested in what Bakery Butler has to offer. We believe that Bakery Butler is a needed tool for any bakery, but it is not a magical way to attract...

Cake stacking question 0

Hi Everyone! I’m making my 1st tiered fondant cake for a friend’s baby shower. So far it’s coming along nicely, and am preparing to ice and stack the cakes. I was wondering if anyone has ever used those thick stick pretzels (or anything else...

Bakery Butler

Target LOCAL searches on Google for better traffic! 0

Hey everyone. I have seen a few posts about getting more web traffic and I wanted to share this article. The trick is to use these 3 easy steps to get higher local search rankings. Take a look! ...


Birch bark cake 4

Here is my birch bark cake with sugar anemone flowers bouquet

Woody's Bakes

Rice Crispie Treats? 19

Hello! I am preparing for a competition and need to use RCT for a component of a cake, but can’t find a very good recipe! So I was wondering if anyone has one that I could use! Thanks! ☺️

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