we are on line Fondant-Cake-Topper-Sweet-Easter-Collaboration 33

please come take a look at our easter collaboration https://www.facebook.com/Fondant-Cake-Topper-Sweet-Easter-Collaboration-228802684238461/ they did such a great job


#Fondant Cake Topper Sweet Christmas Collaboration 25

and we are online please come on over and take a look at all the beautiful works and give us some love on cakesdecor please https://www.facebook.com/Fondant-Cake-Topper-Sweet-Christmas-Collaboration-1826421117640032/


Fondant Cake Topper Sweet Christmas Collaboration 12

In a few days we wil begin counting down for our christmas collaboration keep watching there will be a lot off great work

Cakeicer (Shirley)

Gumpaste Jungle Book Topper 12

I loved how Mowgli turned out. Hand molded of gumpaste. Made for my Great Grandsons baby shower with a Jungle Book theme.

Cakeicer (Shirley)

Gumpaste Shamrock Topper 11

Gumpaste shamrock and Hydrangea topper for a St. Patrick’s cake.

Alvin and the Chipmunks cupcake toppers 10

A friend asked me to make cupcakes for her son’s birthday. She wants Alvin and the chipmunks toppers. I cant find a tutorial anywhere. Can someone please tell me how to make them. THANKS

Cakeicer (Shirley)

Gumpaste Hand Topper 9

Gold gumpaste hand with a blown sugar crystal ball topper for a fantasy birthday cake.

The Buttercream Pantry

Sports Car/Ferrari Cake Topper 9

Hi all! i’ve got a challenge and a half for quite a high-profile cake in just under two weeks time and after a little help and advice . . . I need to make a Ferrari topper (sports car and not F1) for a two tiered cake and although I have a...

Lizzie Bizzie Cakes

Fondant dog topper modelling 9

Hi everyone I’ve got to make 3 basset hound as toppers to go on a cake in a couple of weeks and haven’t really done much dog modelling. Has anyone got any tips or advice that they can offer, for example do you make the head and body all out if...

Cakeicer (Shirley)

Searching for this cake topper 8

I have been looking for this Celtic cake topper for years. If any of you happen to know where I can purchase it will you please contact me?

Cake topper question: put them on a base together or keeping them separated? 6

I made bride and groom cake toppers and I have them separated, not together on a base. The bride stands sturdy because of her skirt, and the groom stands sturdy because of a dowel. I’d like to hear the pros and cons of putting them on a base...

Ann-Marie Youngblood

Where to Purchase "I Do" flag cupcake topper 5

I was wonder where to purchase a little flag cupcake topper that says I Do on it! Like these cupcakes from Cotton & Crumbs...

Seeking High Heel Cake Topper 5

Hello I’m new to this site, and am desperately looking for a High Heel Cake Topper for my All White themed 40th Birthday Party. I’m looking for heels that are realistic looking in white and/or silver with rhinestones. Please advise where to...

Bride and groom topper? 5

I am making 60 cupcakes and an 8" cake for a weddin and they have just asked me if I can make a bride and groom topper to look like them for the cake, I just wondered if anyone had any idea how much you would charge for something like this as I...

Dora cake topper 4

Hi, I was asked to make a dora cake topper . I can’t seem to find any tutorials on it. Does anyone have one pls? Tia

Janine Lister

Cake topper spray 4

Just wondering if any one knows what the thin flat red wire is called i cant find it any where? Thanks in advance

Sugar&Spice by NA

Batman cake topper 3

Hi my friends, please can anyone tell me where i can find a batman cake topper tutorial? Thank you all!


Tennis racquet topper 3

Hi, does anyone know how to make the tiny tennis rackets (or where to buy (order) them ready made (in Europe) ? A good friend of mine asked my to make these for her son, who’s crazy about tennis. As I’m relatively new amateur in the cake...

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