Attaching ribbon to fondant? 18

Hey all, I am nt sure how to attach ribbon, real ribbon, to a fondant covered cake? Also, which type of ribbon to use? And can you attach it to buttercream, not just fondant? Also how would attach ribbon in three places on one tier, for example a...

Lisa-Jane Fudge

"What do you use to attach ribbon to the cake board???" 12

I have asked this question also on my facebook page. I am desperate for a good solution. Your help would be greatly appreciated. I use double sided tape. But in humid and hot weather, it can be a real pain in the you know what!!

Prima Cakes and Cookies - Jennifer

Where can I get diamond ribbon? 12

I need to get some diamond ribbon that I want to use on my very first cake. I found this site called sparkles make it special. ( Has anyone ever heard of them? Does anyone...


Making fondant stripes and ribbons 10

OK….Can someone please share with me the EASIEST way to make fondant ribbons and stripes? Mine NEVER come out even. I use my scored fondant mat, a sharp knife/fondant cutter. I guess I could get a ruler just for cake making and try that? ...

Mikooklin's Cakery

Real ribbon on cakes 7

Ok I have never put real ribbon on a cake before and I am just wondering if anyone has tips on what to do, how to secure it, any special kind of ribbon to use, if I don’t use “special” ribbon what can I do to use normal ribbon, etc. This cake...

Simply Delicious Cakery

Ribbon on Buttercream?? 5

Im making a buttercream wedding cake and I am planning on adding a silk ribbon for the border. Im worried though about oil soaking into it. Is there any tips to prevent this?? :)

how do I make a large ribbon with folds around my cake 4

I would like to make a cake with a large ribbon and brooch around my cake. I want it to be realistic with folds etc. How do I achive this look? Thanks so much



what size ribbon does everone recommend/use regularly for wedding/chritening cakes stuck between getting a 15mm or 25mm(their 25metre rolls so want to make sure get right one) many thanks for any input :)

Lisa Salerno

It's just cake ! 26

Hi everyone x I really just wanted to let someone know about what just happened to me and I’m pretty sure you are the only people that may understand . I was approached by someone who had seen one if my cakes (the snooker table ) via a link here...

Sweet Side of Cakes by Khamphet

Amore - a heart for children 23

Hi sweet cake friends Nathalie, i and 49 sugar artists around the world came together and created edible art in favor of the International Childhood Cancer Day. We hope that every child in this world – who has to fight against cancer cells –...

Cakeicer (Shirley)

Breast Cancer Cereal treats 20

Not cake or cookies but wasn’t sure where else to post this. A fundraiser for women who do not have medical coverage for reconstruction after Mastectomy. Rice Krispie treats on a pop stick, dipped in melted pink chocolate and striped with white...

Fancy Favours & Edible Art (Sawsen)

The first time I hated making an order 17

Hi all, A close friend ordered a surprise birthday cake from me, which I agreed to and was happily flowing with inspiration and plans for it, until all the details of her request came through. She had provided a pic of someone else’s cake...

CuriAUSSIEty  Cakes

Cakesdecor Gazette: Issue 4.07 / July 2015 14

This is a great gazette for anyone wanting to take their cakes to a new level and start competing. A few helpful hints and lots of encouragement. Check out the fabulous interview with the ever so gorgeous Melanie Byrne of the enchanting merchant...

Michal Bulla

CakesDecor Interviews #4 - The Baking Sheet 14

Before discovering her passion for cake and cookie decorating, Loren worked for 15 years in sales and marketing at a large technology company. Currently, as a wife and stay-at-home mom to her 5 1/2 year old son Ryan, she now has much more...

The Little Cake Company

5 tier wedding cake??? 12

So I’ve been asked to do a 5 tier cake. She said she’s having trouble finding someone to do it….. I’ve only done 3 tier cakes. Could I actually do it ???? Lol :) how hard is it? Anybody done one? Advice? Should I say no? It’s basically just cakes...

Becky Pendergraft

Cupcake Towers 11

So I’ve seriously been considering finally purchasing a nice multi-tiered cupcake stand (for weddings, birthdays, events) and am torn between two brands. I LOVE the look of “The Cup Cake Tower” but if I buy it as seen here:...

Baby cakes by amber

What kind of cake pan should I buy I do a baby bump cake 11

I’m doing this baby bmp cake for a baby shower and idk wut kind of pan I should but to make the belly all I have seen were soccer ball pans I also don’t know how to make the music notes on the ribbon plz help me asap

cathlene laughlin

sugar art 10

Hi my name is Cathy Laughlin. I’m a sugar artist, I love working with wafer paper, fondant. I have won ribbons for cake decorating and baking at our Minnesota state fair. Always looking for new ideas. Looking to start my own shop and web...

Need help with making Doll Cakes !! 8

Hi, I’m doing my first doll cake and I’ve been asked to make the cake for 35 guests and was wondering whats the best cake size to make (I was thinking 10") and also should I make it a carved cake to look like a dome (dolls skirt) behind the doll...

How to cover a cake board with fondant? 7

I dont know if this has been discussed before..But could someone tell me how to cover a board with fondant… And also I have seen ribbons tied in the corner of the board..How do we make these ribbons to stay? tried to tie it real tight but that...