Buttercream Meltdown 6

I am still green when it comes to making big cakes. I had an order for a 3 tier cake this past weekend. It was a 16" a 12" and 8" squares stacked. I worked very hard to get crisp sharp edges, and make the quilting perfect! I prepped my SUV with...

Please help! Complex decoration on cake 1

Hi everybody I would really appreciate your advice on how you would do the quilting on the top-tier and the embroidery/decorations on the middle tier. What material/tools/ingredients do I need? I only have a date order or it will be too late if...

Sweet Confections by Karen

Cake filling "HELP PLEASE" 9

I have a client that wants a cake filled with a custard filling (like the Krispy Kreme custard filling) I have only been decorticating for 5 months and I have never used a custard filling only buttercream. 1st , does anyone have a good recipe?...

Shelf stable fillings and frosting. 6

Trying to get permit for cottage food law that just passed, Shelf stable cannot have cream. But ganache, smbc and then fruit fillings I think should be ok, anybody else with experience? Cannot be cream or custard based. Thanks.

Fun Fiesta Cakes

White chocolate buttercream filling 6

Hi, bakers, I’ve been requested to fill a cake with a white chocolate buttercream filling. Whenever I ‘ve done a white chocolate ganache, I’ve used a 3:1 ratio – but since this is for a buttercream-type filling, I’m not sure of the ratio. If...

Samantha Corey

building sculpted cakes 6

anyone know of a video or tutorial on how to build a sculpted cake that is ver sturdy.

Cake filling ..?..slippery 5

Ok when you make fresh raspberry or Leon or banana curd they are so slippery what do u do to prevent the cake from slipping around..?

d and k creative cakes

how do i get square sharped edged building blocks ? 5

i cant seem to manage to get sharp edges adn smooth sides on my building blocks i m fine with rounded ones but wouls really like to get sharp edges can anyone help thansk kate

Jami's Sweets

Cupcake filling 3

I made some to die for chocolate lava cupcakes this past weekend and I filled 3/4 way with batter and put the ganache on top ( no batter on top) and the batter baked up and around the ganache. That being said, I usually make cupcakes with pie...


Vanilla custard filling??? 3

Hi everyone!!! I need some help please. Does anyone have a delish vanilla custard cake filling recipe???? If so would you PLEASE share. Thank in advance :)

Fun Fiesta Cakes

Cake Filling - how much to use? 2

I just got an order for a 3-tier cake (10", 8" & 4") – the client wants different flavors for each tier, but is insisting on getting a thick layer of frosting in between layers. I usually don’t make it thick – especially on multi-tier cakes...


Rainbow cake fillings 2

Hey everybody!!!! I just wanted to know what fillings you could use for rainbow cakes, I realise that its personal preference but I wanted different opinions. Thanks!!! : ))

Valley Kool Cakes (well half of it~Tara)

Orange pineapple filling 2

Does anyone out there have a good orange pineapple filling recipe? Or a site with filling recipes? Thanks Tara

Building a Cake School in Maplewood, NJ 2…; I thought I would pass on the info the Colette Peters is looking for people to back her project to open a school in Maplewood, NJ. She is looking to raise $35,000 and has...

Buttercream Icing with Cream Cheese Filling - How long can it stay at room temp? 2

I have a groom’s cake that was iced with cream cheese flavored buttercream, but filled with real cream cheese filling. How long can it safely stay out at room temperature? The recipe I used is this: 8 oz cream cheese 1/2 cup butter 4 cups...

Filling that can be frozen 1

This can be used as a frosting while warm or filling when cooled to room temperature and is excellent – freezes very well. Posted on CC yrs ago by “SquirleyCakes” Filling/Frosting 2 tbsp. butter 3/4 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips 6...


Royal Icing Buildings & Structures 1

Good Morning Everyone! Recently I have been absolutely fascinated by the cakers who are able to build castles, churches, gazebos, boxes and other really beautiful structures with royal icing panels. I have been looking for templates that I can...

Filling layers in the pan! 1

Hey y’all! Does anybody use this technique? Filling cakes in the pan they were baked in? I would live some advice….. Is it better to use a four in pan and torte to four layers? Doesn’t the filling run off the sides causing a problem of...

Cake and filling flavors catalog? 0

Hello everyone! I need your advice here. I’m re-arranging my cake and filling flavors ‘cause I use perishable fillings. It’s summer here so the cakes need to be chilled. Well, don’t need to explain what happens when you take a fondant cake out of...

Need help w/ Rasberry Mousse & Strawberry Mousse filling 0

Hi there! I hope you are well. I would like to know if anyone has simple and yummy raspberry and strawberry mousse fillings? I am looking for one that can be used under fondant, so for it to be stable. Thank you so much!

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