Lori Mahoney (Lori's Custom Cakes)

Questions concerning.. Entering a competition 45

Hello my lovely cake friends! I decided to enter my first competition. Eeeek! I have a question and am hoping for some advice. The categories are from amateur to professional of course. I chose intermediate – maybe to challenge myself a bit more...


Question about meringue buttercream 18

I usually use classic american buttercream on my cakes — lately I tried a couple of recipes of swiss meringue buttercream — i really liked the taste — but I also read its not safe to use because of uncooked eggwhite — I wanted to ask my fellow...


fondant rolling surface nagging question 16

Hi all, please help me out on this one – what is the best recommended and food safe surface on which to roll out fondant. Am conversant with formica, glass and marble surfaces but how hygienic are they?………………….

Chris Jones

Airbrushing Question 16

A question for all you airbrushing pros…I made a deer antler wedding cake topper from gumpaste. Last night I airbrushed it brown and it turned out too dark. Does anyone have suggestions on how to lighten it up. I have Wilton ivory paste that I am...


dumb question about stacking a tiered cake. 13

Alright, so this may sound like a dumb question for some one who has been decorating for 7 years but a lot of my “cakes” have been on foam (then I just do the decorations on top) for contests. Or single tiered cakes. Not many people trust some...

Fondant --icing question 11

First, let me say that I am very very new to the Cake Decorating world (which I have become obsessed with..lol) and I’m getting a bit confused in regards to using fondant, hence question. Do you cover your cake with icing (buttercream ie), put...


Question about Practicing Cake Decorating Techniques 11

I know that my question my sound strange, but what is the best way to learn cake techniques and did you all learn them in any particular order. How often do you practice and when practicing do you always use real cakes or foam cake dummies? ...

Michal Bulla

CakesDecor Interviews - Post questions for The Baking Sheet 11

This month we’re going to do an interview with Loren-The Baking Sheet ( FB page ) and you have the opportunity to ask her questions. She will choose and answer 3 of them in our interview in the middle of February. Go ahead and be creative ;).

Custom Cakes by Ann Marie

Shortening Question 10

Hi everyone! I wonder if I can get some advice. I use a hi-ratio shortening for my icing and need to purchase more as I am running low. I typically purchase a 50lb. bulk purchase. I only do cakes part-time on the side, so this lasts me quite...

Conflict of interest question 10

Hi everyone, I’ve been asked to make a 6" bridal gown cake for my mother’s friend’s daughter’s bridal shower at the end of the month…I usually make this cake and sit it on top of a tiered cake or a tower of cupcakes. My mom’s friend only wants...

Cakeicer (Shirley)

Caramel Ganache question 9

I bought my first bag of Ghirardelli caramel chips today, 12 oz. bag. Can I make a caramel ganache with these chips? Would I use a 3 to 1 ratio, 1 cup heavy whipping cream to 3 cups caramel chips?

Mary Ciaramella (Sugar Love & Passion)

A question for you 8

Hello Cake decorators! I write because I need an honest opinion … you might take a look at these cakes and tell me what you think? Why I do every time I try to give my best and to improve my work, but I think it is underappreciated: (it’s a...


Gazette question 8

Isn’t there comming a may issue? I love to look in the gazette and miss it

You've Been Cupcaked (Sara)

Random question 8

Hey all! So this past week I made my boyfriend a super fun birthday cake. Usually when I make a topper for a customer I use rice krispie treats to make the base of the topper….weeelllll I did that this time and much to my dismay the topper came...

Cake topper question: put them on a base together or keeping them separated? 6

I made bride and groom cake toppers and I have them separated, not together on a base. The bride stands sturdy because of her skirt, and the groom stands sturdy because of a dowel. I’d like to hear the pros and cons of putting them on a base...


Corset Cake Question 4

I have a corset cake coming up next week and I have a question is it the regular ball cake pan or the mini ball cake pan that is used for the breast. I went to Michaels yesterday and the regular one just looked awfully big. Can anyone help me...

Yet another pricing question! 4

Any thoughts on what you would charge for this cake? Its an 8in chocolate sponge, filled & crumb coated with choc ganache. I only make cakes for family & friends as I’m a full time midwife ☺

Another Shoe Question... 4

OK, So I’ve actually looked at EVERY single post on shoe templates, even good, and did Pintrest even instagramed and asked questions left and right, North and South and I can’t seem to get any REAL answers. So I turn to my trust Cakes Decor...

Sweet Confections by Karen

Need help! Question about a book cake. 3

I am making a book cake this weekend and I need some help. My inspiration is based on the children’s book “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus” I am going to bring the pigeon to life as he will be busting out the top of the book. Does anyone have...

Sweet Dreams by Heba

Merry Christmas - question about collaborations 3

Seasons greetings to you all :) Is this a place where a collaboration can post and share? Thanks.

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