Fun Fiesta Cakes
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Cupcake Prices 7

Hello bakers, I may have an opportunity to sell cupcakes to a local deli – but I am at a loss as to how much to charge. I’ve checked around and it seems that $24/dozen is the going rate for some of the bakeries in my area – but if that’s the...

Fun Fiesta Cakes

Elizabeth Miles Cake Design
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Bare/Naked wedding cake prices?? 5

Hello, I have been asked to quote for a 3 tier bare wedding cake with 3 layers of cake on each tier with jam and some kind of frosting filling decorated with fruit and flowers. I gave what I thought was a reasonable price including delivery and...

Elizabeth Miles Cake Design

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Prices for cakes 3

A friend of my grandmother saw some cakes I made and wants me to make a cake for her husbands 50th birthday. She wants to pay me 35 dollars. What do you think is a good price I’ll attach some of my cakes.


Sweet Heaven Cakes
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Sheet cakes Prices Vs others Cakes 0

Why the price of sheet cakes are always lower than others??? Really I don’t know I spend time to do this kind of cakes … you not? I know depend of the decorations, filling , etc… but how much you charge this king of cake?

Sweet Heaven Cakes

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Prices 0

Hi girls, how much a cake like this would be?


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Alice's pricing matrix 24

Hi Does anyone maybe have Alice’s cake pricing matrix or know where I can download it? It is supposed to be a free sheet to help with calculating cake prices. Thanks.

Lize van den Heever

Sweet Heaven Cakes
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Tasting 13

Somebody have a tasting or sample for your cakes??? I need to know some suggestions or ideas about that … include prices Thanks

Sweet Heaven Cakes

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Special Cakes...not so special budgets! 13

Guys, I really need your help…hearing from a lot of different decorators would be seriously appreciated! I won’t be able to get into all of the gory details but I really need to get some “real world” counseling from trusted source. Please...


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square pans magic line, fat daddios or another brand? 9

I am looking to get some nicer, but not super expensive square pans. Should I go magic line or fat daddios or something else? And where can you find the best prices on them? Thanks!


Toni (White Crafty Cakes)
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Cake Dummies 9

Happy New Year everyone!! I was looking to buy some cake dummies because I am thinking of entering a cake in my very first competition at the NCACS March 20-30 in Fairfax, VA. I had heard that the Dallas Foam Co had reasonable prices, but I...

Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

Prima Cakes and Cookies - Jennifer
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Cake Supply Rental Idea 6

So I was thinking it would be cool if there was somewhere you can rent cake supplies. I have a cake to do for the end of the month and really needed the Fishnet Mat from Cake Lace. I hemmed and hawed about buying it for this one cake since it...

Prima Cakes and Cookies - Jennifer

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Stolen cake photos 5

I’ve recently encountered another cake decorator in my area that not only under cuts everyone’s prices so bad that when baking from scratch you can’t even buy the ingredients for that price. I think if she can make a cake for that price then...


Nom Nom Sweeties
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Mini Bundt Cakes? 5

I have a bride requesting mini bundt cakes for all of her guests. I’ve never done them before, nor do I actually do individual cakes (besides cupcakes) so I was hoping someone could tell me about them. Are they about the size of a cupcake or...

Nom Nom Sweeties

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Help!!! 4

Ive had this cake client for over a year. She sends countless pictures and wants quotes for each with different sizes.. okay.. will do. She tells me every time that she doesn’t like my prices. She sends me cake sizing charts.. other people’s work...


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How much to charge for gelatin flowers, butterflies, dragonflies, etc. 3

I have made gelatin butterflies in the past for a wedding cake and they turned out really well. I just included some money in the price. But I just got an order for some gelatin dragonflies and butterflies for a bakery to use on different cakes....


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Chocolate for ganache 3

What chocolate does everyone prefer for their ganache? I found a site that has pretty decent prices on there chocolate, although the shipping was a little much. ...


Sweet Heaven Cakes
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Rhinestone Sweet Sixteen Cake Topper 2

Hy everybody.. I need to do a 16 for a Topsy Turvy Cake. I saw some prices on the web and these kind of topper are TOO EXPENSIVE So I decide to do that Some ideas please?

Sweet Heaven Cakes

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Damask on buttercream 2

Hello everyone. Can anyone share secrects and how tos on how to stencil with the damask stencil. Also where can thy stencil be purchased and reasonable prices???


George's Bakes
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First table at a wedding fair 1

Hi all, So I am calling on all you very talented and experienced cake gurus for some much needed advice! Especially those of you in the UK. (In East Surrey / Croydon, so if you’re my competition, I understand if you don’t want to share, lol) I...

George's Bakes

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Need Bubble Guppies Cake in South Jersey/Philly area 0

I’ve been trying to find someone to make a custom Bubble Guppies cake for my son’s 1st birthday. It seems that anyone who has good prices and does great work is out of State and way too far. Anyone out there near Philly or South Jersey...


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