Icing to Slicing

Peony with folded centre 2

Can anyone help? I am making a wedding cake with peonies as in the picture but I dont really know how to make the centre parts. I have made many types of peonies before but none quite like this. Does anyone know of a tutorial? or can anyone...

Rody academy

Peony flower 1


What type of yellow is the peony and roses 0

Could someone tell me what type of yellow was use on the gumpaste large peony. There is even a lighter shade on the rose what colour is that? Was it airbrushed or dusted in petal dust? Thanks ...

Elli Warren

Keira rose 30

Can anyone please help me on how to make a Keira rose?? It looks very similar to a peony so I’m guessing I might need to use my peony cutter? I can’t find any tutorials at all!! Any help will be greatly received!! My friend really wants these on...

Wedding cake for a friend dilemma 14

A friend asked me to make her wedding cake for her earlier this year and I was delighted to be able to, but I’ve come across a bit of a quandary. We looked at various different cake’s on the internet and established the type of cake she was after...

Kelly Stevens

To ombre or not to ombre? 3

Hi everyone :-) Looking for your thoughts on my upcoming cake. A friend has asked me to do a simple 8" cake with buttercream icing and maybe a few flowers. My thought was a single statement flower or a couple grouped together; a fully opened...

Jos Sluizeman

Isomalt 13

Hi everyone it has been a while since I posted something. Had just taken a break. Now I have started my blown & pulled sugar confectionery again. My show piece is called golden pheasant. Made of isomal. I hope you like it.

Rachel Taylor (Peony Pantry Cakes)

Hello lovely cakey type peoples! 9

Hello everyone, loving this website. Looks like a really positive community. I’m just starting out as a business so I have a lot to learn. Hope you like my cakes and I look forward to getting to know you and your work.

Fancy Fondant WA

Freaking out! Wedding cake peonies & roses 52

I am doing a wedding cake next week. Spent two weeks making heaps of peonies (my first) in purple and I hate them. I then made white ones with much thinner petals (better) but still not totally happy. Have made a few roses but still have more to...

Penny Sue

Penny bakes 19

I have just joined Cakes Decor, in awe of so many lovely creations, I live in Somerset, and have been running a credited cakes business for just over two years. I have always made cakes for family friends, but word of mouth and it took off. I...

Cakeicer (Shirley)

Gumpaste Peonies 12

White Gumpaste Peonies

CuriAUSSIEty  Cakes

CakesDecor Gazette: Issue 4.11 / November 2015 12

November Gazette is out with all the top cakes for the month and much , much more so I hope you like it. Remember I am always open for new ideas you all might want to see added in to the gazette. Make sure you send me lots of pics from Cakes...

BellaCakes & Confections

Can one Cake have to many themes? 8

Hi everyone looking for some advice one an upcoming cake design. I have been asked by a sweet 5 year old to make a cake with My Little Pony’s, Ariel, Hot Pink, Zebra stripes and Cheetah Print. I have drawn up 3 or 4 cake designs and its just so...

Alexis M

Any links to a good gumpaste recipe? 5

I need a good gumpaste recipe. I saw a good one on a blog a while ago and thought I bookmarked it but didn’t. Ill be making a lot of peonies soon and would like a good quality white paste. Thank you all.

Buttercream classes 0

Hi I’d like to learn to do buttercream flower cakes (hydrangeas peonies etc) the classes I have looked at are in the 200+ which I way above my budget ! Anybody know of classes a bit more reasonable! Thanks in advance Evie x

Penny Sue

Art Deco 4

Hi all can anyone tell me how I can find art deco fan to make out of modeling fondant one big one smaller, for a wedding cake, the cake is four tiers I’m looking for a cutter, or template, the one I can find in the uk is tiny. Thank you 😊