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Airbrush/painting marzipan? 17

Hi cakey friends…….Im making my son his birthday cake, problem is, he will only have it covered with marzipan. Hes given me strict design insructions and wants a very colourful cake. Colourful stripes to be precise. Does anyone have any tips...


Vidya from Marzipan 7

Banking to Baking, sounds weird right, but I chose my passion :-). Am Vidya, based out of New Jersey. Started Marzipan, as an idea to realize the true art and joy of baking and its been 18 months of eventful journey. Please visit us at...


marzipan for 6 large battenbergs 0

*how much marzipan will i need to cover *six 6″×12″ battenberg wedding cakes….?

Complete novice needing advice 6

Hi, I’m new in here and wanting to be inspired and get some advice from all you talented people as i’m making my mum’s 80th birthday cake at the weekend and have never done anything quite like this before. I’ve already made a 25inch square rich...

Raewyn Read Cake Design

Gorgeous Jules Featured in Cake Masters Magazine!! 4

Gorgeous Jules, AKA Juliette Goldsmith, owner of Marzipan Moon and Sugar Dust Stars has been featured in this months Cake Masters Magazine! Fabulous Rosie of Cake Masters has done a wonderful interview with our sweet Jules to find out some...

Raewyn Read Cake Design

Cakenweenie in the News! 4

Jules at Marzipan Moon & Sugar Dust Stars Catwoman and I in the Sydney Telegraph Cakes by Raewyn Cake Wrecks – Sunday Sweets Craftsy Blog Lancashire Telegraph featuring Tracey Rothwell Sydney Confidential MTV Geek ...


Heart shaped board doesn't fit heart shaped cake??!!! Help! 1

Hi Everyone, I baked a 12" fruit cake 3 months ago for a wedding which is next Saturday. I baked it in a invicta bakeware heart shaped tin. I have just put a layer of marzipan on it and have placed it on the cake drum/board only to discover...


Man face 0

You also sculpted marzipan man’s face?

simple syrup using apricot jam 0

Hi I have some apricot jam left over from a fruit cake I made (it was used to brush the fruit cake before adding thr marzipan) and I dont have any use for it now so was wondering if I can make a simple syrup from it to add to vanilla or chocolate...

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CakesDecor Gazette: Issue 4.08 / August 2015 22

Welcome to the Issue 4.08 / August 2015 of the CakesDecor Gazette  Click here to view the CD Gazette archives ~ Click here to...

Valentina's Sugarland

Cake of Thrones Cake Collaboration 6

Cake of Thrones Collaboration is an international cake collaboration hosted by Valentina Terzieva from Valentina’s Sugarland. It is a group of 29 sugar artist from 13 different countries around the world who got together to celebrate one of...

Ana Remígio - CUPCAKES & DREAMS Portugal

FROSTED FRIGHTS HALLOWEEN CAKE COLLABOARTION 2014 3 FROSTED FRIGHTS HALLOWEEN CAKE COLLABORATION 2014! October 31st has been celebrated for years as a day when poltergeists, ghouls and spirits are thought to be lurking among us. This Halloween you are in...

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Carnival cake contest 5