Ellie @ Ellie's Elegant Cakery

So excited about Cake lace 32

Hi CD friends. A while ago we were in a chat about using Sugar veil for lace and Elli said she uses Cake Lace, (never heard of it). Well I got onto a bit of research about it and it sounded amazing, the best part about it is it does not dry out...

Cakeicer (Shirley)

Cake Lace Or Sugar Lace? 24

I just received my order of cake lace that I want to use for a wedding cake next month. Having never used it I have a few questions to those who are familiar with this product. I know it dries flexible, but is it hard to the bite like royal...

Roo's Little Cake Parlour

Problems with cake lace 20

Can anyone give me some pointers as to what I am doing wrong. I have followed the instructions to the letter, but my cake lace is really brittle and shatters when I try to remove it from the mould. This product is not cheap and I am wasting so...


lace 12

hi i have just bought the powder and a mat to make the lace for around my cake but can anyone tell me if you can make it the day before i decorate it as i will need to make two and they take 3 hours to set ?


Cake lace bat wings 8

Hello cakey folk ,I am quite new here and was wondering if anyone can assist me . I am making a bat (baby flying fox) for my husband’s birthday and I am planning to use cake lace and wires and was wondering if anyone has done this and if they...

Little Apple Cakes

Sugarvail VS. Sugar Lace 8

I’m pretty new to this site and I just can’t believe how many cool decorators I have discovered in the past couple of days.. YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING! I see all this Sugarvail work on the cakes and I love it, my question is HAVE YOU EVER USED...

Sugar lace disasters 3

Sugar lace and myself are not geling! I keep applying to mould and putting in oven on temperature and time suggested but it is brittle I have turned temp down and lessened time kept door open and closed but it is still brittle, any advice on...

Lace moulds 3

Hi can someone tell me when using a lace mould when u remove the fondant from the mould dose the fondant tare and break many thanks xx



Hi all, I am still searching for the lace mould that makes this beautiful cake by cotton & crumbs. I know it has been discontinued but if anyone knows of anywhere they may still be in stock or if anyone is selling one PLEASE could you let me...

Lace press 2

I really like lace design on this cake. I looked in the internet and can not find this lace press mold. Could you help me please if you know where I can buy it?

Angel, The Cupcake Lady

Question on Edible Lace 2

Hey cake people! I was wondering if anyone had ever attempted to add tylose or CMC to the edible lace powder before mixing and moulding it? I normally let it dry in front of a fan rather than baking it, and I’ve had fantastic results with soft,...

Fancy Fondant WA

Edible lace on buttercream 2

Hi, does anyone know if Claire Bowman edible lace can be wrapped around a buttercream cake and if so how long does it last? Does it dissolve over time?


Elegant lace mold 207 1

Hi all, has ANYONE got one of these I can loan / buy …mine is damaged and I cannot find one anywhere it has been discontinued. Desperately needed for a wedding cake !!! Please anyone???

Ann-Marie Youngblood

Is there a lace we can share tutorials? 1

Is there a section we can share tutorials we have made or know of to help each other?

Vintage Lace Wedding Cake 1

How much would you charge to do the top three tiers of this cake?


Silicone lace molds 0

Hi all— I’m new to cake decorating and just purchased some silicone lace molds. I know some use sugar veil, or other specific products but is it possible to use just gum paste or fondant? What are some tips and tricks and products you have used...

Cake Decor in Cairns

Cake Controversy 28

Hi Lovlies I have had a couple of controversial topics come up on my Facebook page this past fortnight and my husband clearly has no idea nor interest in this topic so I am turning to my CD family for some venting – actually no not a vent as I...

Roo's Little Cake Parlour

Anyone else have weeks like this? 21

Having a nightmare of a week regarding cakes this week. Catalogue of disasters; microwave broke, fixed yay, oven broke .. rushed around to my mum’s to bake two tier cake (she doesn’t even own anything as fangled as a spatula), tried to make cake...

Karen's Kakery

Sheer bridal veil using edible materials 20

Hello my lovely cake friends xx I’ve got another topic I’d like some advice with please. I want to make a brides veil on a fondant topper that is see through (opaque not totally translucent). I want to be able to see the back of the Wedding...

New & Looking for Advice 15

Hello everyone! I’m Flavia and am quite new to the site. I’ve always had a passion for baking, but it was never anything serious for me. I saw a cake online that had lace all over it and I’m obsessed!! I must try and make it myself. I looked...

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