Perfect Party Cakes (Sharon Ward)

Jumping horse 3

Hi. I’m due to make a horse jumping over a hedge and wondered if anyone had any tips? I’m obviously going to use wires and florist tape for the support structure but I don’t know about the body section. Would all sugarpaste be too heavy? Should I...


Looking for carousel horse silicone mold 2

Hi everyone, this days my husband is visiting Manhattan NY. Does anybody know where he can buy a carousel horse silicone mold? Thanks a lot.

Sensational Sugar Art by Sarah Lou

Be careful what you wish for ;-) 25

Hi everyone, Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet on here recently :-(, I have tried to keep up to date with everyone’s new cakes, so sorry if I’ve missed any :-(. Life has been a little mad recently! As anyone who read my profile on here knows, I...


Hello - Newbie here :) 15

Hi everyone! My name is Denise and I’m from Cochrane, Alberta Canada. I have been following and using this site for tips / tricks since I started cake decorating around Halloween. Love all the posts and amazing cake artists on here! I am a novice...

Julie Cain

Is it ok to cover modelling choc with fondant? 12

I`m in the middle of making a horse cake and I`ve used modelling choc to cover and shape the legs. I had every intention of covering the whole cake with modelling choc but just realised I haven`t made enough! So I`m going to cover with fondant...


Credit where credit is due 9

OK, so this is a rant of sorts, but this kind of this infuriates me! If you use another cake decorators cake as inspiration, or hell, if you blatantly copy it, would it really kill people to at least acknowledge that they’ve done so? A quick...

Julie Anderson

Hi everyone 8

Hi there, I’m Julie Anderson and am new to all this. Think I’ll start by saying that I’m by no means even close to being a good a cake maker/decorator as many of u on here, I kinda started by accident just over 3yrs ago when a pal asked me if it...


New modeling start 7

Horse standing will be her soon

Sweet Dreams by Heba


Next month, I’ll be hosting two classes taught by Laura Saporiti of Laura Saporiti SugarLand. For reservation, email me at October 6th – Cookie decorating class (seahorse + carousel horse). October 7th – Cake decorating class...

Elizabeth Miles Cake Design

Some Advice would be greatly appreciated please for first 3D carved project 5

This week I am about to embark on my first 3D cake of a cat, I have carved a flat horse head but never done anything carved 3D. It has to travel from Dorset to Yorkshire (a long way). Do I need to support it with a pole inside or anything if so...

Maira Liboa

I need your help! 4

Hello everyone, I need your help! I have to make a 3d cake shaped horse head. someone can help me with the structure? anyone has any tutorial? Thank you so much! Maira


Becoming our county's cake decorater leader. Clinic tips wanted. 0

I learned most of my cake skills through 4-H. I won overall cake decorator in our county five times and state twice. And I also showed and went to state in dogs, rabbits, horses, vet science, photography and more. It was a large part of my...

carousel cake 0

Happy new year !! I am making a carousel cake useing the wilton kit no time to make the items. so I would like to add some color to the horses maybe cream with a little shine and the colors I will be using navy,light blue and cream with gold...

Raewyn Read Cake Design

MrsCake Wins the Front Cover of Cake Masters Halloween Edition!! 4

I’m so proud and excited of Cakenweenie co-collaborator Tracy Prescott for winning the Cake Masters Halloween Painted Cake Competition! Tracy’s amazing work graced the cover of Cake Masters Halloween Edition. What a well deserved win, this...

Lynette Horner

Photos not uploading! 7

Hi my photo’s won’t upload! I pick a photo and click choose and it returns to ‘add picture’ ? any advice!!

Satin Ice Fondant cracking 9

Last weekend I purchased a 20 lb bucket of white Satin Ice fondant for the first time. I have purchased their 5 lb buckets of red and black fondant, because I usually make my own (MMF) and I never had any problems. I love the taste and texture. ...

Sugar&Spice by NA

Problem with fondx 7

Please help! Has anyone tried fondx? It’s terrible! I added cornstarch 1st, i noticed it would dry it, than I used powdered sugar, it became worse!! I covered my cake wit it, it started to tear, and the butter cream would be seen under fondant!...


Fondant Issues!! Please help! 7

Hi everyone, I have been doing cakes now for 4 years and LOVE it! I have been using Wilton fondant (I know “gasp” – the horror!!! LOL!!!) But honestly I loved working with it! It was always a little harder in texture to work with but I found...


Cutting out 2D Fondant Pieces 6

Hi All, I’m making a cake for my daughter next month. It will be iced with buttercream but I would love to do a flat fondant decoration to place either on the side of the cake or on top but I’ve never done that before. I tried last night just...