Devils Food Cake vs Choc Fudge Cake 1

What generally is the difference in devils food cake and chocolate fudge cake please? Is one stronger flavour or denser than the other? Which would be better for stacking/tiered cake. Thank you in advance

Cientista Mestre Cuca

Hello! 13

Hi! I would like to introduce myself to this wonderful community! I used to be a microbiologist, and kept doing that for 14 years, but my passion for food, specially cakes and desserts, was bigger and I’m now invested in improving day by day...

Bebe's Bakery

Published 0

Hi we’re bebe’s bakery Advice needed we are looking into getting our cakes and bakes,recipes published in food and cake magazines,any advice on how to achieve this would be greatly appreciated Thanks

Painting cake with food paste colours? 4

I cannot use vodka or any other form of alcohol in my cakes. Hence, painting a cake has become challenging for me. I tries water but the result was horrible. I considered using oil but was not sure if it would stay. I also need a liquid option to...

Cake Show! 0

Hey guys, I hope I’m not spamming here with this post! If there are any decorators here in the Los Angeles area, we’re looking to have audience members for our cake decorating Food Network show filming this Thursday and Friday. We want...


Question about meringue buttercream 18

I usually use classic american buttercream on my cakes — lately I tried a couple of recipes of swiss meringue buttercream — i really liked the taste — but I also read its not safe to use because of uncooked eggwhite — I wanted to ask my fellow...

Manuela P. Michieli

Manuela from Italy 11

Hi! I just joyned Cakes Decor, a short presentation: I’m 51 years old, I live very near Parma (Italy) and I’m a professional modeler since1985, specialized in fake food and miniature food for dollshouse (expecially wedding cakes) I met sugar...


Fondant changing colour 4

Hi this is my first time posting on here and I hope someone can help. I was colouring fondant grey with black food colour for a eeyore cake ,got the right shade and covered the cake and it was fine. The next morning when I checked the cake the...


To all my fellow Georgia cake decorators- Enact a Cottage Food Law in the State of Georgia! 3 Please click on the link above to sign this petition. Thank you! :-D


Online Cake Supply Shops 24

Hi everyone! I wanted to see first of all if it was ok to start a list of places people like to buy cake supplies online and if anyone would use it as a resource. I do most of my cake supply shopping online and there are so many sites, I was...

Valentina Soldano

Here I am... 8

Hi everyone, my name is Valentina and I am a brand new CakesDecor member…I am a food scientist with a huge passion for decoration…so when I first met the wonderful cake design world during ah exhibition, I immediately fell in love with it! In...


Cake design/ wedding exhibitions - tips needed. 2

Hi all, I have just decided to do a cook & cake salon in Toulouse in a few weeks time. This is an additional exhibition to a creative arts and crafts show which has been running for 13 years. This year they have added a complete salon...


Dry ice 0

Hi there, I’m planning a cake for my niece’s mad science party. I want to make the cake in the shape of a beaker and place a plastic container at the mouth of the beaker and add some dry ice to create some drama. Since dry ice isn’t easily...


Help with dairy free eggless cake recipe 14

My great nephew has a number of food allergies. I will be making a cake for his 1st birthday and was hoping someone can help me with a cake recipe and also a frosting that contains no eggs or dairy. Would appreciate any help.

Jodie Taylor

Newbie confused!! Xxx 10

I’ve only baked 2 cakes before and after completing my Food Hygiene course and being approved by my LA I now have 6 cakes to do and was just wondering if its possible to freeze a cake, how long after a crumb coat can I put the final buttercream...


About me 10

Hi friends! I am a food blogger and I love Baking and cake decorating………

Fun Fiesta Cakes

How to get customers... and price your cakes right! 30

I know this may sound silly, but how do you get a cake business started from home? In Florida, they just passed the Cottage Food law, which allows bakers to create and sell cakes from home (with some restrictions). Other than word of mouth, or...

CuriAUSSIEty  Cakes

CakesDecor Gazette: Issue 4.08 / August 2015 22

Welcome to the Issue 4.08 / August 2015 of the CakesDecor Gazette  Click here to view the CD Gazette archives ~ Click here to...

Cakes by Maray

Inserting wired Sugar flowers in cake 18

Hello everyone! I am pretty new to cake decorating and I desperately need your advice. I have read numerous times how you should not insert wires in cake. I have also read that if you covered the wire in floral tape and white chocolate, it...


Food Hygiene IBC vs SBC 15

Just curious as to what your opinions are as to IBC vs SMC regarding possible food poisoning as SMC only really goes up 140F or 60C , to kill most pathogens you must go to 75C or 167F, , to me this makes it a little dangerous if you cake is...

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