Elisa Colon

Share Your Facebook Page 577

Facebook’s recent changes have made it increasingly difficult for all of us to share our work. Even with those that have opted to view it. Do you have a Facebook page your would like to share with everyone?? Please provide a “Link.” ...

Vanilla cake boutique

My face 94

All we have a name and a surname. All we have a logo or a brand. But what is our face? Who are we? Behold, I have this: I’m Mariagrazia Tota Vanilla cake Boutique. I would like to see your face…..

Cake Decor in Cairns

Facebook is changing the rules for pages. 49

There are big changes coming, not great for those of you like me who cannot afford the exorbitant fees imposed by Facebook to be seen. I would be more than happy to do as one friend suggested and pay a $10 annual fee, like a domain name. But...


Facebook!!! 47

Hi all my fellow cake people add your link so we can all connect and like our pages on Facebook!! Here’s mine http://www.facebook.com/pages/Mi-Vida-Sweets/327302050621788?ref=hl Whats urs??

CuriAUSSIEty  Cakes

Facebook site taking our pictures! 21

There is a fb site up that has hundreds of out members cakes on their page. Some with watermarks some without. I just want everyone to be aware and anyone wanting to report them can. For anyone wanting to share our cakes we love that, even...


Facebook limiting reach? 20

Ok….So my work used to reach lots of people…now like 300 hundred see my post…whats going on? People just not liking my work anymore:( Must I now pay to boost my post? I get about 90% of my work via facebook and depend heavily on my work to...

Little Apple Cakes

Facebook page 19

Hi everyone, for all of you that know me, after a lot of encouragement from my cakey friend Gulnaz (I’m so happy to have you as a friend!!!) I decided to start my own Facebook page “Little Apple Cakes”. For all of you that still don’t know who I...


Man face modeling 17

Facial sculpture statue man I really skull and added layers to the reception really not just


New face 14

Hi people, I’m Tasha and happy to be among a community of such great creators of cakes. I’m trying to teach myself how to awesomely decorate cakes. I trust I’ll enjoy my stay here.


New face 12


Modelling faces 12

Hi, I’d really like to get better at modelling people and especially their faces. Can anyone point me in the direction of some good tutorials- could Google but end up with so many I don’t know where to start and would rather have ‘tried and...

Tiers Of Happiness

Advice needed - sugar paste/gum paste for modelling figures and detailed faces 12

Hello fellow cake decorators! Could you please give me a tip for your favourite sugar paste brand and type that works for you for modelling figures and face details? Currently I use the Squires Kitchen one which is not too bad but doesn’t work...

Janine Lister

Fake facebook account! HELP! 10

Hi, recently i got a message on facebook asking if i had seen a cake someone had made that looked like one of mine, i replied that i hadnt but it was a good cake. They responded by telling me i was very generous. I checked the account that sent...

Jenniffer White

Baker Faces Civil Rights Complaint For Refusing Anti-Gay Cake Order 7

In case you haven’t heard of this travesty yet in your little corner of the world: http://www.windstream.net/news/read/category/Top%20News/article/the_associated_press-baker_faces_complaint_for_refusing_antigay_message-ap I’m sure Marjorie...


How to like another page on facebook? 5

I’m new to facebook page….how come i can’t invite another people or like another pages? once i click “like” button it always show demographic of that pages. Anybody have same problem or know how to solve my problem? please help!


My new face see what came out of it 5

My new face see what came out of it

AWG Hobby Cakes

Facebook likes 5

Is it just me or is there no option to *LIKE * for FB anymore ? someone asked me today and know it used to be under the cakes ? For some reason it doesn’t give me that option , logged in or out ? x

Karen MacFadyen

A facebook enquiry 4

Hi all, I received the post below onto my facebook page. We at CakeCoachOnline share gorgeous creations, craft tips, business ideas, inspirational quotes and sometimes the totally bizarre. However sometimes people add messages to my page –...

Yolanda Marshall

Does anyone have any advice on how to get more Facebook traffic ("likes")? 4

Hello everyone! Just wondering if anyone can give me some ideas on how to increase my Facebook traffic? What things can you suggest that I can do to get more likes on my business page? Thanks! Yolanda

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