Crusting Cream Cheese Frosting 9

I am doing my first groom’s cake. The groom wants a three tiered cake! He also wants a red velvet cake but the idea of using cream cheese frosting in South Louisiana in June scares me to death. He wants the cake with frosting and fondant...


Non-Perishable Cream Cheese Frosting 6

Hello everyone! I’m going to be making and decorating a two-tier carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. I have heard that the sugar in the frosting makes it safe to be stored at room temp but I wanted to be sure before I did it. Does anyone...

Teresa Cunha

Cream Cheese Buttercream.......HELP! 6

I have the most difficult time with cream cheese buttercream. I’ve tried several recipes and never get a stiff enough consitency for frosting or piping. Does anyone have a recipe they swear by and wouldn’t mind sharing? I would so greatly...

Prima Cakes and Cookies - Jennifer

Will cream cheese buttercream be ok at room temp?? 6

I have an order next weekend for my red velvet cupcakes. I usually put my cream cheese buttercream on them (cause the combo is SOOO yummy :)..LOL) Anyway I always keep this in the fridge before delivering because of the cream cheese. My client...


Cream cheese frosting on upside down icing technique? 4

Hello! for those of you that ice your cakes upside down, has anyone done a cream cheese icing under the fondant? I know ones with a crisco base dont work but was wondering if anyone tried cream cheese.

Fun Fiesta Cakes

Looking for a delicious cream cheese raspberry buttercream recipe 2

Hi, I’ve been asked to make a fondant covered chocolate cake with a raspberry/cream cheese filling. I was wondering if anybody has a recipe that can also be used to crumbcoat the cake – I’ve never tried that before. All recipes welcome… :))))

What cakes does cream cheese frosting pair with (besides carrot or red velvet)? 2

I was wondering, what do you think are good pairings for cream cheese frosting, besides carrot or red velvet? I personally like cream cheese frosting with strawberry cake. Strawberry cupcakes with cream cheese frosting are kind of my go-to for...

Buttercream Icing with Cream Cheese Filling - How long can it stay at room temp? 2

I have a groom’s cake that was iced with cream cheese flavored buttercream, but filled with real cream cheese filling. How long can it safely stay out at room temperature? The recipe I used is this: 8 oz cream cheese 1/2 cup butter 4 cups...

Fondant deco on top of cream cheese frosting 2

Hi! lately i have a problem with my fondant deco. I made 2 dozen of red velvet with cream cheese frosting and using fondant decoration on top of cream cheese frosting. The fondant deco is brightly colored few hours later the fondant deco starts...

Gumpaste on cream cheese icing 2

Hi! I’m planning of making a red velvet cake with cream cheese icing. Will I be able to stick my gumpaste figurines/dancing silhouette on the cream cheese icing? Also can I colour cream cheese icing black/ orange? Thanx

Carrie Ashton

Good crusting cream cheese buttercream 1

I am looking for a good crusting cream cheese buttercream…does anyone have one they would be willing to share? Thank you in advance. C

Migdalia Nieves

Cream Cheese Icing 1

Hello everyone! I have an order for a 3 tiered cake, the bride doesn’t like the fondant and she asked for a red velvet cake coverd with cream cheese icing. The recipe that I have get real crusti very fast and is impossible smooth the icing . Can...


What have I done wrong? 13

Exactly the same cream cheese frosting recipe on both, one grainy, one perfectly smooth. Of course, the grainy one was the first one and I had to redo it and the second one was perfect. I don’t know what I have done wrong with the first one....

help. decorating in hot weather 10

I will be staying in a Spanish villa in august and have no problem making my daughters wedding cake , but what to ice it with!! It wont be stacked , just 4 cakes of different sizes , standing on lit stands of different heights ( rich...

White frosting recipes! I need advice! 8

Hello everyone! I’m looking for white frosting recipes! I was asked to make a green sponge cake and I need the filling to be white so it can contrast with the green. I only have these options: italian meringue buttercream, cream cheese...

Maria @ RooneyGirl BakeShop

My first professional wedding cake - help! 7

I have my first wedding cake coming up in two weeks – bride wants a fondant covered red velvet/cream cheese frosting cake with red gumpaste flowers cascading down the tiers (very traditional). I am going to finish the cake the night before...

The Custom Piece of Cake

Can someone help, please 7

Can someone please help me with a recipe .I have an order for a cake with vanilla, chocolate, coffee and cream cheese flavours combinations, thanks.

help with frosting! 6

I am basically looking for a cream cheese frosting that is pipeable but that is not super sweet. The problem is, all the recipes I have found for cream cheese frosting that are stiff enough to be piped, are very sweet (I.e. I have seen pipeable...

Red velvet cake 5

Hi I am stuck, again. I have now been asked to make the top tier of a weding cake in red velvet with cream cheese and white chocolate frosting, this then has to be covered in fondant and large flowerpaste roses. What I wanted to know is how early...

Karen MacFadyen

A facebook enquiry 4

Hi all, I received the post below onto my facebook page. We at CakeCoachOnline share gorgeous creations, craft tips, business ideas, inspirational quotes and sometimes the totally bizarre. However sometimes people add messages to my page –...