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Wilton castle 9

Hi all!! I’ve always asked myself this question, hope to have an answer: If a client asks for a castle, and you decide to use the plastic turrets of Wilton, do you tell the client: Please can i have them back? I’m ashamed to do that, what do you...

Sugar&Spice by NA

Castle turrets 7

Hi I was asked to do a castle cake, I’ve tried the piping tubes technique, but didn’t work for me, the fondant did not harden well, is there another technique? is there a tutorial somewhere?

cakes by khandra

princess castle cakes 6

when making princess castle cakes, and when you make the pillars does anyone use edible items, if so what do you use?

Cindy White

Castle cakes 5

I am getting ready to build a castle cake for my grand daughters 4th b day. Any advice or pointers any one has would be greatly appreciated.

Frozen Ice Castle cake 3

Hi Looking for some help with this cake. Can anyone share some tips on how they sculpted the mountain. Thanks Laura.

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CakesDecor Gazette: Issue 4.10 / October 2015 20

The Gazette is out folks with a completely new section talking about my new favorite things as well as highlighting some of the great things that have been happening in the cakey world. I hope you all enjoy it and as always I love hearing your...


Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom cake 18

I’ve started decorating/using fondant for the first time I used fondant+tylose and created the outer castle last night I used a tin for support but there is no support inside the icing (not sure if I should have) seems to be quite...


New to forum and cake decorating. 12

Hi. I am new to baking cakes and decorating. The decorating has taken my interest and I have just completed my first 1 day decorating class which I enjoyed. A couple of years back I created all the characters from “In the night garden” in super...

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Nu-Wrap Fondant 3

I’d like to get some feedback from those of you who have used Nu-Wrap fondant. I ordered a large bucket and the taste is fabulous – however, I haven’t worked with it on a cake. I’m doing a castle cake for a client in a couple of weeks and...


All of our bake shops in my town have closed 3

Nobody in my town of 32,000 can get a specialized birthday cake anymore. The only place to go now is the grocery store. Wondering if this is a good time for me to marker making children’s birthday cakes. Problem is I can not afford to rent out a...


Royal Icing Buildings & Structures 1

Good Morning Everyone! Recently I have been absolutely fascinated by the cakers who are able to build castles, churches, gazebos, boxes and other really beautiful structures with royal icing panels. I have been looking for templates that I can...

Prince of Persia cake 1

Hi my name is Niki , I have a customer asking for a prince of Persia castle cake , and cupcakes ,I have looked for ideas on the internet but no one seems to of created one as anyone got any ideas for me please Thank you Niki


HELP- How do you edit your cake description 1

I just submitted my Frozen cake for the competition and I accidentally put to "a"s in Castle and I just want to fix that.


Ideas & Pointers Needed for Relief Pan Cakes Decoration 0

Hi all! Months ago I found this site and was so excited to begin making cakes; however, I am also a grad student and when classes began in August, I had no idea how time consuming this semester would become! I’ve barely been able to do my normal...

Bottle cake 0

Hi guys May you please assist me with the tutorial for making a cake with a castle bottles (2 or 3 ) on top


MissyKay Newbie 7

Hello Everyone…..I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Missy. My website is currently being built but my facebook page is (please feel free to like my page). I have done an...

Sharon Castle

Dowelling a barrel cake 1

Hi all. Please can someone advise me. I have been asked to do a barrel cake which will consist of 3 × 1.5″ lemon sponges for the bottom and 3 × 1.5″ vanilla sponges for the top. They will all be 8" round. I need to know the best way to dowel it...


Wanted the Ultimate Chocolate Mud Cake Recipe 8

Hello All I’m new on here & I tried to do a post yesterday but I can’t seem to locate it so I hope I haven’t repeated.. I have been trying to find the ultimate chocolate mudcake recipe that is dense yet not heavy – fudgy or caramel taste yet...