Pretty Special Cakes

Member names please 49

Hello Everyone, Please don’t laugh at me. I would LOVE to know everyone’s names.. makes thanking and commenting easier than typing Amazing-Cake-Biz-Name. I’ve been trying to read up About Sections and FB profiles to get artistes’ names, having...


Air Brushes 30

I’m thinking of getting an air brush in the near future. I have no idea which ones have a good or bad reputation and what are things worth spending extra for and what’s not. Could y’all help me out? I would really appreciate it. Thanks!


Recycled toilet rolls - tidy for tools, brushes, edible food pens etc. 23

Just spotted this ingenious and no cost idea to keep tools, brushes, pens, tappits etc etc tidy and easy to find. I’m off to empty shoe boxes and dive head first into the recycling bin to retrieve empty toilet roll and kitchen roll tubes…….

Loren Ebert

Air Brush Suggestions? 7

Thinking about buying an air brush system….any recommendations? Thanks! :o) Loren

air brush machine and cricut machine 6

Hi fellow cakers, Can any one give any advice on what to look out for when buying these machines, and what accessories go with them. Tnx

Air brush for spraying chocolate - UK 6

Hi, I have not purchased an airbrush before and have tried reading up on the types that will spray chocolate, but getting nowhere! Would anyone UK based be able to recommend one or advise on what they use? I see some people use spray guns...

The Custom Cakery

Brush embroidery 5

Hello. I’ve been looking at various tutorials on brush embroidery and have seen royal icing, buttercream and watered down sugarpaste all used. Any advice on the different mediums? Which do you prefer?

Fun Fiesta Cakes

Air Brush Systems 4

Hi, bakers, I’m sure this question has been asked before – probably many times… but I’m ready to purchase an Airbrush system and wanted to get advice from those of you who use it often. KopyKake and Fat Daddio’s have come up as systems that...

cheryl arme

air brushing fondant 3

Hi everyone! How long does it take for airbrushed food color to dry before you can airbrush more. Thanks!

Bee Siang

Royal Icing Recipe for Brush Embroidery 2

Hi everyone…I need some help with royal icing recipe for brush embroidery. Anyone can help? Thank you so much.


Azalia bush 2

Sweet Summer Collaboration’s photo. Sweet Summer Collaboration’s photo. Sweet Summer Collaboration’s photo. ‘last yr’s picture’ +4 Sweet Summer Collaboration added 7 new photos to the album: Gail Dalessio – Art deco cakes.Like Page...

The cake shop at highland reserve

Air brush 1

Can anyone tell me if I’m looking to buy an air brush for my cake ,dose it have to be from a cake shop or can I buy it from an art shop ? Thank you Nadine

Sugar Sweet Cakes

Tye Dye air brush? 1

I’m new to air brushing & someone requested this tye dye cake. Is there a website I could go to that has a tutorial on doing air brushing like this?

Cheeky Munch Cakes

Air Brush Effect without Air Brush 1

Hello lovely cakes, Can anyone advice me on how to achieve this kind of two-toned colour in fondant without airbrush? Any tutorials you can direct me into? Thanks very much!

Fifi's Cakes

Suicide. The Reality 46

I am compelled and saddened to share this with you. It is a long script, please read to the end if you can? Please do NOT share this anywhere outside of CakesDecor, most specifically Facebook. This is the desperately sad story of a victim...


Help!!!! Painting black lines on fondant 😪 22

Hi! I was wondering if anyone could help me. I’m very new to cake decorating and I have my heart set on doing a hand painted Winnie the Pooh cake for my baby girls 1st birthday. I have drawn a template to use and I’ve managed to transfere it onto...

CuriAUSSIEty  Cakes

Cakesdecor Gazette: Issue 4.07 / July 2015 14

This is a great gazette for anyone wanting to take their cakes to a new level and start competing. A few helpful hints and lots of encouragement. Check out the fabulous interview with the ever so gorgeous Melanie Byrne of the enchanting merchant...

Robin Meyers

oh my!! 10

Anyone else ever had this kind of luck? I took too many orders this weekend. Sweet 16 cake 4 doz cake balls, 4 doz custom decorated cookies, a birthday cake. The topped off one more last minute cake… here was the concept a 9×13 sheet cake...

Satin Ice Fondant cracking 9

Last weekend I purchased a 20 lb bucket of white Satin Ice fondant for the first time. I have purchased their 5 lb buckets of red and black fondant, because I usually make my own (MMF) and I never had any problems. I love the taste and texture. ...

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