Birch bark cake 4

Here is my birch bark cake with sugar anemone flowers bouquet

Birch Bark Stencil 3

Hi; This is my first experience on a forum so here goes. I am hoping to do a wedding cake that resembles birch bark. My problem is I can’t seem to find a supplier for a birch bark stencil. I have watched a video so I know they exist.Can anyone...

Elliegantly Made

Hello 👋 2

Just wanted to pop by and say hello. I’ve a wedding cake coming up and a couple of tutorials I found online whilst I was researching it led me to this page. I love it and have to say some of the cake on here are so incredible they put mine to...

Rustik Cake Studio

Textures and Colors with Jarid Altmark ! 2

I am so glad to have Jarid Altmark @ Rustik Cake Studio on July 8 @ 5pm! this is a Texture and Color Demo and the price is Only $20. there is a couple of seats left if you guys are interested please contact me at 516-661-2865 or just go on my...

Dolce come una caramella

Dolce come una caramella 7

Hello everyone! My name is Serena, I’m 35 years old, married, I have three children and two kittens. The passion for sweets was born as a child, when I went to look around in the back of my uncle’s bakery and remained always fascinated to see...

CuriAUSSIEty  Cakes

CakesDecor Gazette: Issue 4.11 / November 2015 12

November Gazette is out with all the top cakes for the month and much , much more so I hope you like it. Remember I am always open for new ideas you all might want to see added in to the gazette. Make sure you send me lots of pics from Cakes...