Jos Sluizeman

Isomalt The Snail 0

Show piece The Snail. Made of blown & pulled isomalt

Jos Sluizeman

Golden pheasant showpiece 0

Golden pheasant made from blown and pulled sugar.


I notice that some decorators state they have used MMF for making models – why is this ? Does this stand for marshmallow fondant and if so what are the benefits of making it please


modeling chocolate vs fondant/gumpaste for figures 17

Girls I need your opinion. Since I have only worked with fondant and gum paste I would like to use modeling chocolate for my figurines. I’m making a under sea cake with the octonauts characters on top and cupcakes also decorated with a shell on...


Man face modeling 17

Facial sculpture statue man I really skull and added layers to the reception really not just


New modeling 10

Its going to be great

Prima Cakes and Cookies - Jennifer

Help with Modeling Chocolate 9

I usually make my figures/flowers out of gumpaste and fondant but I wanted to try something new so I decided why not try modeling chocolate. After 4 failed attempts at making the chocolate myself I ended up buying a tub of it from Global Sugar...


New modeling start 7

Horse standing will be her soon

I'm after the best modeling chocolate recipe 6

Hi, Can someone share a good modeling chocolate recipe with me as I see alot of decorators using it on this forum.I assume it has been discussed in depth here many times ,but I am still learning how to navigate and search on this sight and find...

Cup & Cakes

Modeling Chocolate..... Making Sticky Sweat beads !?! 6

Hi Everyone, I made a Modeling Chocolate Figure a week before i had to deliver the cake. Because we live in a humid area I listened and kept it in a dry place….. BUT when I got to it, it started making little sweat beads… all sticky. I tried...

Hard Time Working with Modeling Chocolate 6

Hi Guys- I’m hoping I can get some guidance- I have tried to use modeling chocolate on more than one occassion- with zero success. Anytime I try to use it to make figures or mix it 50/50 with fondant etc- it never works out- it stays too...


Modeling chocolate 6

I have not made or used modeling chocolate yet, but I want to give it a try. I know it’s melted chocolate and karo syrup, but I don’t know how much of each. Can someone please help me? Thanks!


my modeling chocolate has no taste 3

Can anyone tell me if it is normal for my modeling chocolate to be tasteless. i use glucose syrup because i cannot find light corn syrup in australia. thank you


Anyone have a Ghirardelli melting wafers modeling chocolate recipe? 3

Has anyone had any success in making modeling chocolate with the ghirardelli melting wafers? I buy the big bag (they have white and dark) at Sam’s Club meant for dipping/coating things. They remind me of the Wilton candy melts but taste SO much...


Modeling Chocolate and whipped icing 1

Hello, I’m fairly new to this site and am wondering if I might ask a question. I have an order next week for a cake to be covered in whipped icing. I’ll probably use Rich’s Bettercreme. However, the customer would like it to resemble a football...


Painting modeling chocolate or fondant to get a matt finish 1

I’ve been mixing colour gels with vodka to paint fondant and modeling chocolate I can’t seem to work it in too the sculpter it doesn’t stick to the surface so I have to keep piling it on also it doesn’t dry we’ll it’s too shinny I want a matt...

Hair for modeling chocolate figures 1

I recently made two modeling chocolate figures, an elf man and a little fairy girl. I really like how their faces turned out, usually my fondant figures are small and round and cartoony, but this was my first time using modeling chocolate and...

Converting a recipe (downsizing it) for modeling chocolate? 0

I found a recipe that takes 1 lb of chocolate and add 1/3 corn syrup to it. If I want to only do 4 oz instead of 16, what would be the conversion down to that for the corn syrup? Is there a site anyone uses to get calculations like that? I’ve...

Modeling DUCK - Step by Step 0

If you like this duck, please view the step by step tutorial Hope you like it Thanks!!!!