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Allways Julez

Silver leaf...taste?

I have yet to have a go, at applying silver leaf to a cake…. there are plenty of tutorials around. My question is… how does it affect flavour and the palette? If you’ve ever had a bit of food, which has been served up, with a little bit of...

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Silicone cake pop pan

Ive seen the metal cake pop pans but I’m looking for the silicone cake pop pan. The metal one I found at Bed Bath &Beyond – the silicone pan is slightly smaller. Has anyone seen them? Thanks- Ansa

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DIY Cake Plateaus for special cakes

Hi There, first of all I would like to introduce myself. My name is Debbie/Deb (answer to either one) and I am a self taught cake decorator that started at the age of 11. Over the years I have gone on to teach cake decorating for the United Way...

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Help! Construction advice needed for an "illusion" cake

hi cake friends! I’m making a circus themed cake for a friend’s daughter. My idea is to make a circus ring with a strong man standing on top balancing a circus tent with his hands over his head. I just need some reassurance on how I am planning...

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Ideas & Pointers Needed for Relief Pan Cakes Decoration

Hi all! Months ago I found this site and was so excited to begin making cakes; however, I am also a grad student and when classes began in August, I had no idea how time consuming this semester would become! I’ve barely been able to do my normal...