Nuria Moragrega - Cake Mistress

How to structure a cake so it look like it's hovering off the cake board 5

Hi guys wondering if anyone can help, I’m looking to replicate this turntable but how do i structure it so it’s floating?? i was thinking of inserting a smaller board underneath and placing a cake card underneath the cake? but not sure if that...

How to make a gumpaste high heeled shoes 5

Hie guys. May anyone send me information or tutorial on how to make a gumpaste high heel shoe.

Jolirose Cake Shop

How to handle clients who don't adhere to your payment policy... 4

I’m looking for advice on how to politely tell my clients that the policy is 50% deposit and the balance is due one week before the event date. I make sure to explain this several times throughout the design and quoting process and I still get...

Koek Krummels

How to attatch a fighter jets wings 4

I hope anyone can give me some advice. I’ve made airplanes before but the wings were small an easy to attach to the cake. My problem now is that I have an order for a huge fighter jet plane and the wings are huge. How on earth can I attach...


How To Keep Foil Cupcake Liners from Separating!!! 4

I always have trouble with the foil muffin cups. The white paper & the foil always separate. On S aturday 9/9/12, I have an order that will require me to use these. I need help. Fast! 1. Is there some way to prevent this? 2. If not, can I...

Yolanda Marshall

Does anyone have any advice on how to get more Facebook traffic ("likes")? 4

Hello everyone! Just wondering if anyone can give me some ideas on how to increase my Facebook traffic? What things can you suggest that I can do to get more likes on my business page? Thanks! Yolanda


Frills? Upside down frills? Can somebody please tell me how to do this? 4

Hi everyone :) I’ve seen so many cake that are covered in frills and upside down frills. (Like the pics below) They are beautiful… I want to learn how to do this method but can’t seem to find any info. (Maybe I’m googling the wrong word…) If...

how to use these alphabet stencils 4

hi, im new to this world and very excited to try new things – i purchase these but have no idea how to really use them and what on, i thought it was to imprint on fondant and then i can go over it with icing but cant imprint just one letter...


How to price for individual sugar flowers 4

Hi all, I had someone ask if I could just make a few sugar flowers for them. It sounds like they’ll have their own cakes but want help with the decorations to go on the cake itself. How would you price out something like that? I guess it would...

Baby cakes by amber

How to carve a number 1 cake 4

I’m doing a 1st birthday cake and I never carved a cake before I was wondering if any of u Fabolous cake decorators could give me the steps to carve the 1 cake…also the cake requires some characters on it and how do I make the characters I was...

The Cake Shop

How to make Marshmallow Fondant a brilliant white? 4

Hi, Please if anyone knows how to make brilliant white marshmallow fondant, please let me know. I’m in a real fix cz my fondant always becomes off white how ever much whiter the marshmallows are. I dont use vanilla and if I use, i use the clear...


How to add additional photos 4

Hiya! I’m having an issue uploading more then one photo, I can’t find the option too. I’ve done it before so not sure what the problem is now.


How to safely insert wires in cakes 4

Hi everyone, I heard it is not safe to insert wires into cakes, but I see thousands of professional cakes with wires! How can I use it safely, is there something on the bottom part I can cover the wire with…?


How to use JEM butterfly cutter set 3

How do you use JEM butterfly cutters? I have seen people make beautiful lace butterflies using these cutters, so I went ahead and ordered a set. When I received them I was so exited to use them but didn’t realize how tricky they are. After...

Bee Siang

How to handle humidity to get perfectly dry petals 3

Hi everyone, I need some advices on how to get perfectly dry petals for sugar flowers. I’ve already added cmc and cornstarch, even store the petals in an air-con room. None works well. Is there any tool/machine to get rid of the humidity?...

Cup & Cakes


I have started a cake business in my Town and I’m struggling to price my cakes so I still make something out of it. As the modeling of figures take a lot of time I can find a effective way in charging for them. I have tried the Ingredients x...

Sonia Eddy

How to use isomalt to make sugar gems 3

As a newby to cake decorating, was wonder if anyone had a tip or tutorial on how to use isomalt to make sugar gems. Or can I make them without isomalt , just plain sugar. Thanks very much, Sonia x


how to search forums? 3

Is there a way to search forums for specific keywords? Do I just not see it? Is there a way to search the forum content for something, not just the tags? If I click on a tag in a previous forum post (e.g. “question”), it says: Cake...

Help recreating this cake?? How to stick sprinkles to fondant?? 3

So I am a relatively new cake decorator. I’ve been baking for about six years but only since this year have I began to get into actually decorating, especially with fondant. I’m self taught so there is still a lot for me to learn. This week I am...