Nikki Belleperche

Less Sweet Cakes- Help! 10

I have someone who really wants me to do a cake for her but she says she hates sweet cakes. She hates buttercream and has never had fondant. I told her that in my opinion fondant doesnt taste sweet but I have only ever worked with buttercream and...

Felis Toporascu

Gold leaf - I need your help 10

Hello my dear friends, can you help me with your opinion about covering a cake with edible gold leaf? First of all I want your opinion if the base cake from the image is covered with gold leaf. My second question is if you can cover a cake...

help. decorating in hot weather 10

I will be staying in a Spanish villa in august and have no problem making my daughters wedding cake , but what to ice it with!! It wont be stacked , just 4 cakes of different sizes , standing on lit stands of different heights ( rich...

Barn Wedding. June. Buttercream. HELP 10

I have a wedding coming up in June that will take place outdoors in a barn. The theme is rustic elegance and the bride likes the look of the “messy-iced” cakes that are becoming popular in part, because of Pinterest. I’ve attached a picture to...

Bronecia (custom cakes)

I need help with making figures 10

I would like to start making figures,,,and I need help with what to use..So If anybody can give me some advice I would appreciate the help. I’ve tryed to find tylose powder but could not fined any..


Help! How can I darken a gumpaste figure? 10

So I just finished making this gumpaste cake topper and I get it all assembled and in photos i see just how PALE Alice is. My goodness, girl needs some sun! How can I fix this? I tried shading her a bit with some pink petal dust but it doesn’t...


Can someone help ? 10

Does anyone know why when I try to search for my username " BeautifySugar" on the search bar , it never shows ? I have tried to do this without signing in to CD by the way .


Help! need a chocolate buttercream frosting recipe 10

i have been in search of a chocolate buttercream frosting recipe since i started doing cakes. all the ones i’ve tried have been good, but nothing that blew me away. most recipes i have seen call for milk or cream. however, i need one the does...


Help! Game of thrones cake... 10

Hi, I have been asked to make a Game of Thrones cake for my niece has anyone made one before or have any ideas where to look for inspiration?! I’ve not seen the show and from doing a quick google search it seems a throne of swords (not sure I...

Janine Lister

Fake facebook account! HELP! 10

Hi, recently i got a message on facebook asking if i had seen a cake someone had made that looked like one of mine, i replied that i hadnt but it was a good cake. They responded by telling me i was very generous. I checked the account that sent...


Fondant HELP! 9

I am making a Macy’s shopping bag cake and can not get the fondant tissue paper to look right. It just looks like mounded fondant. Anyone have any ideas?



Hi, can anyone help me, I am currently covering a 3 tier cake and am getting the dreaded bulge in between the layers, is there anything I can do??


Help with Whipped Cream Frosting 9

I have NEVER made whipped frosting before. I am a buttercream fondant user but I know the day will come when someone will ask me for a whipped cream cake any easy recipe suggestions? I may need to practice..

Sweet Confections by Karen

Cake filling "HELP PLEASE" 9

I have a client that wants a cake filled with a custard filling (like the Krispy Kreme custard filling) I have only been decorticating for 5 months and I have never used a custard filling only buttercream. 1st , does anyone have a good recipe?...


HELP!! My grandson has requested a Army Chinnock Helicopter cake! 9

Hello Cake Friends! My grandson has requested a Army Chinnock helicopter cake for his birthday and I’m kind of nervous about doing this! I have never done a carved cake and would appreciate any suggestions and helpful hints on how to pull this...


Help me spend $! ;) 9

I am just starting out in my little cake deco business and I have a little money coming that I can use to get some supplies or equipment with. It’s not a lot…let’s say around $500 USD max. What would you buy if you where me? (What...


Help me with RKT :) Please 9

Hi everyone. I I put the first steps in working with RKT and I encountered a few problems, I count on your help and experience. I found a standard recipe for RKT (I think so :)), after taking a mass is sticky and formed well until it is warm...

Need Help with Guitar Cake! 9

Hi all, I was “volunteered” by a dear friend to make her a guitar cake. But not just any guitar cake – a Stevie Ray Vaughn guitar cake. 3D – no way around it. I am going to try to attempt the water color on fondant technique since I do not have...

Prima Cakes and Cookies - Jennifer

I need Purple Fondant Help!!!! 9

So I have read on here and other sites to put baking soda into purple fondant to keep it from turning blue. Tonight I tried to make my purple fondant with baking soda and it seems as if the fondant is breaking down. I use fondx fondant. I added...

Rita's Cakes

3D Sword Cake Help!!! 9

Any tips for making this 3d sword cake! I have no idea where to start! Any advice I would greatly appreciate :D