Help pls! How do I secure a diamante brooch to extra large gumpaste bows? 7

My client wants to have extra large gumpaste bows with blings – diamante brooches on her 4 tier wedding cake. Suddenly I was filled with apprehension – How do I secure the brooch to the bow and then to the side of the cake? Secondly, how do I...

Cakeicer (Shirley)

Gumpaste Chef 7

For the birthday of two student Chefs.

Gum paste flowers 7

Hi, I’m designing my son’s wedding cake and an having a lot of trouble with wiring my petals. The floral wire is constantly poking out of the petals when I’m trying to attach them to the flower. I’ve tried several different ways of inserting the...

Ice blue colour for fondant/gumpaste 7

Hi Guys…..I am wanting to get that icey blue colour for some christmas decorating/covering but am having trouble achieving the colour I am after :( Is anyone able to tell me how to achieve this, I have tried using americolour sky blue mixed...


Gumpaste Figure 6

I need to make gum paste figurine of Mr. Snuffleeupagus ( from sesame street). I need some advice on what to use, royal icing or gum paste to get that “Hairy” look?? Any advice I can get on the best way to get that look would be sooooooooo...

Cakeicer (Shirley)

Gumpaste Plumeria/Frangipani 6

Gumpaste Plumeria for a small wedding cake.

Anand Kumar

Helllo to Gumpaste & Sugar Artists 6

Hi all Bakers and Sugar Artists I am Psychologist with a great passion for Baking and Gum-paste. I conduct workshops around the world. Constant learning, improving and guiding people in baking industry is my sole motive. If you need to reach...

Making gum paste glossy? 6

Hi, I have some ombre 3D gum paste flames to put on a cake. They look great, but they’d look even better if I could make them shinier. Not sure if there’s an easy at-home way to do this. I was debating misting with sugar water (but suspect...


Coloring gum paste 5

Hi everyone,! I’m trying to color gum paste to get this deep pink/fuchsia without any luck. I have used Wilton rose and Americolor electric pink but didn’t get the color I was after. Any advice would be very much appreciated :) Pam from Sugar...

Gumpaste vs. Fondant + Tylose Powder 5

Will I be able to get a good result in making figurine using fondant with tylose powder to make gumpaste?

Alexis M

Any links to a good gumpaste recipe? 5

I need a good gumpaste recipe. I saw a good one on a blog a while ago and thought I bookmarked it but didn’t. Ill be making a lot of peonies soon and would like a good quality white paste. Thank you all.

How to use Gumpaste Like fondant? 5

I’ve posted here previously about if Gumpaste or fondant would work for a clam shell cake I’m going to be making. Now I know some people said I can use gumpaste. This is my plan. I bought 2 lbs worth of gumpaste from Hobby Lobby yesterday, I hope...

Cakeicer (Shirley)

Gumpaste British Royal Guard 5

Made for my Great Nephews 1st birthday. He was born in London as his daddy is U.S. Army and was stationed there. And the Baby’s name is Ben, so had to do a Big Ben cake for him.

Cakeicer (Shirley)

Gumpaste Blackberries And Blossoms 5

Gumpaste Blackberries and blossom from a Craftsy class by Maggie Austin

working with gum paste 5

Can some one answer my question and how to fix it? Yesterday I was trying to make a topper with gum paste, I could seem to get it to roll with out splitting what was I doing wrong, was the gum paste bad? I’ve made an elephant for my grandbaby’s...


Has anyone made gumpaste sails before. 5

Hi there I have got to make a sailing yacht with gumpaste sails and although I have made many freestanding models etc, I am not sure how to make the spinnaker sail at the front of the boat, as in real life thie is only attached to the mast in 2...


How can I add a deep royal blue color to a gum paste or fondant flower? 5

I’m making some blossom flowers and would like them to be blue.. what kind of dust can I use? Thank you.

How to make a gumpaste high heeled shoes 5

Hie guys. May anyone send me information or tutorial on how to make a gumpaste high heel shoe.


HELP Please, my gumpaste is too soft 4

Hi! I’m new to this website. I bought some Wilton powder to make some gumpaste. It is the second time I do it. The first time everything turned out ok, but this time the gumpaste is too sticky and soft. I made a figurine for my daughter’s...