Wedding cake 9

I’ve been asked to make a wedding cake. After consulting with the bride, she decided she could not afford the price, so she asked if I could make a smaller cake for display and have a sheet cake in the back to serve the guests. I am wondering:...


Party cakes vs. Wedding cakes 9

Do you guys charge different for party cakes and wedding cakes? Or do you use a base price?


How to make a 3 tier wedding cake?! 9

I have never made a wedding cake, does anyone have a how to video / recipe for the cake, aNy help or suggestions greatly appreciated!!!

5 tier wedding cake eeek !! 8

hi everyone i have an order for a five tier wedding cake but would like to know how this would be transported or could it be erected then taken to venue any advice would be great ???

Angel Rushing

Setting up a big outdoor summer wedding cake 8

I know it’s still winter but I was contacted about making a 6 tier wedding cake this summer and the reception will be outside. Im worried about the cake getting too hot or melting. Is there anyway to rig a huge box around it with ice or...

Esther Williams

Stanley Cup Wedding Cake - Need some advice :) 8

Hello All! I have an exciting wedding cake in the works and was wondering if any of you brilliant, talented cake masters had any advice for the cup part of the cake, and how I can achieve this flawlessly. It doesn’t need to be cake, or even...

Teresa Cunha

Wedding taste test 8

I everyone! I have several wedding cakes ordered this year so far (YAY!) and would like to offer taste tests. I have no idea how to go about it. Can anyone offer me some advise? Thank you!

Sugar&Spice by NA

Wedding cakeboard 8

I do have another question, I usually use a foam cake board to support the weight of the cake when it’s a a small 3 tiered cake. Now, if I’m doing a 4 tiers wedding cake, is it ok to use 2 foam round cakeboard? One larger diameter than the cake,...


Freezing a wedding cake, any advice? 8

Hello everyone! Next Saturday I have a 3 tiered wedding cake due, 6",8"10" stacked. Yesterday my husband just got medical orders for surgery, so we have to leave town from wed-friday (yay for remote living military lifestyle lol). I’m going to...

Yum Cakes and Treats

Wedding Cake for $200 to feed 250 8

Outrageous right?! That’s the request I got this evening from my neighbour’s fiancée. She wants me to make her a cake to feed 250 people for $200! Any suggestions? I’m thinking 3 tier simple buttercream roses with perhaps bands of diamond bling...

Tammy Barrett

3 tier wedding cake 7

Is it possible to put the 3 tiers together and then transport it? A customer wants to take the cake themselves down to a venue which is 4 hours away but wasn’t keep on the idea of assembling it when they got there. I’m a bit nervy about...


Help Please!! Need advice on a wedding cake! 7

I have a client who saw a cake that was done with pearls in a wavy design on all three tiers, but she wants to use diamonds instead. Any suggestions?? Please help!! Thanks Happy Cakes!! :D

Maria @ RooneyGirl BakeShop

My first professional wedding cake - help! 7

I have my first wedding cake coming up in two weeks – bride wants a fondant covered red velvet/cream cheese frosting cake with red gumpaste flowers cascading down the tiers (very traditional). I am going to finish the cake the night before...

Modern wedding cake. 7

My idea of a modern wedding cake was to keep it simple , uncluttered with clean lines and celebrate natural material with neutral color pallete. Inspired from the naturally occurring textures on earth surface and man made textures. Medium :...

Cake Creations by ME - Mayra Estrada

Barbie Fashion Inspired Wedding Cake Collab 7

A beautiful collaboration of wedding cakes inspired Barbie Fashion. Please visit our page to see the amazing wedding cakes.


Funfetti or other flavor cake for a Wedding Cake? 7

So, I have my 1st wedding cake and they have asked for “funfetti”. I’m a little worried about that holding up on a tiered wedding cake! Does anyone have a good recipe for a version of “Funfetti” that is sturdy too? I am meeting with them next...

Fun Fiesta Cakes


My daughter just got engaged and I’m already thinking about her wedding cake – If you have a “favorite” wedding cake that you have done, or want to contribute any ideas or suggestions that would make my life less stressful if I decide to make the...


Wedding cake debate... 7

Hey everyone. So my wedding is next summer and there is a big debate on who will be doing the cake. We’re planning a budget wedding ($10,000 or less) and I say that to help save money I will do the cake. It’s going to be just a simple cake,...

Help - first wedding cake costing 6

Hi everyone. I have recently set up my own cake making business after making cakes for friends and family for over 3 years. I have had my first request for a wedding cake price but am really struggling! I have worked out it will cost around £110...