Loren Ebert

How to achieve a "cranberry" colored icing? 7

Help! How do I achieve a cranberry/hot pink color? I’m trying to match this ribbon….. Thank you!!

To start a business or not and how to charge 7

Hi, I am self taught and just been making cakes for my daughters and a few friends (3!) I love the kids birthday cakes and am getting better and better with each one. My question is I have now had strangers asking me to make cakes. I am a...

Cakes and Beyond by Naheed

How to start a home based cakery business 7

I am in Alabama, I want to start my own home based cake business, but before I do that would like to find out about the laws and regulations. I would appreciate if I could be given some guidance how to go about. Thanks, Naheed

HELP! how to make brown fondant 6

I have white and ivory fondant and I what to make chocolate brown WITHOUT using chocolate. It is for a lemon cake so chocolate really won’t go with the flavor. I can make a nice taupe with brown and black. Any suggestions???

Cup & Cakes

Icing sugar on fondant! How to remove? 6

Hi All, I have made quite a few cakes now and only a few have cracked a bit. I recently made a cake and when I covered the cake with the fondant it made little cracks on the sides of the cake. Because of the powdered icing used to roll it out...


how to get info on Cake Collaborations 6

Hello everyone, I would like to know how to get info on cake collaborations. The only one I know about is the SFCB Cancer Collaborations, but if I want to join other where will I find the info. Can someone please help. Thanks in adance


How to? 6

Well, I am unable to load the image but maybe someone can still help. I’ve been asked to do a baseball themed cake, covered with white fondant. Here’s the part I’ve never encountered before: she wants it to look like a dirty baseball. I’m looking...


How to make Tiffany Blue 6

Can anyone help me create the Tiffany Blue colour. I want to make a Tiffany Box cake but am not sure how to make the proper shade of blue Or is there a ready made one? If so, where? I have looked on Amazon but couldn’t find one. Thanks!!

How to make an Olaf cake with head held high 6

this cake i want an idea how to make it like that

Mardie Makes Cakes

how to delete photos? 6

i have accidentally re-posted a cake… anyone please tell me how to delete?? thank u!

Emine Pazan

How to airplane cake (urgent) 5

Hi I need to make this cake. They want strawberry flavour. Which cake recipe can I use? And do you have any tips or how to’s? Thank you so much kind Regards Emine

How to use Gumpaste Like fondant? 5

I’ve posted here previously about if Gumpaste or fondant would work for a clam shell cake I’m going to be making. Now I know some people said I can use gumpaste. This is my plan. I bought 2 lbs worth of gumpaste from Hobby Lobby yesterday, I hope...

Yomna Elazawy

How to participate into collaborations 5

Hello I love cakes decor and it’s members i would love to participate into collaborations and online competitions, can anyone help me please ? what to do ? and where to start ?


How to deal with bad/negative feedback? 5

I am relatively new to cake decorating and I am working on building my business locally. I agreed to do a dessert table for the friend of a local business person (it was to be a photo shoot) completely out of my own pocket. The communication was...

Sarah's cakes

Advice needed pls! How to price this cake? 5

I have been asked by a neighbour to make her 40th bday cake next month. Have now idea how to price it. I have one of those apps on my phone that can calculate quantities etc so happy with working out basic cake cost. However, have no idea how...


How to like another page on facebook? 5

I’m new to facebook page….how come i can’t invite another people or like another pages? once i click “like” button it always show demographic of that pages. Anybody have same problem or know how to solve my problem? please help!

How to get smooth cakes, covered with fondant 5

I’ve been making cakes for a while now, couple years, and I learn something new everyday. Can someone explain to me how can I get a cake this smooth, with no fondant “wrinkles” between layers, using BUTTERCREAM under the fondant: I know it...


How to get crisp fondant edges on a square buttercream cake . 5

Has anyone got any tips on how to get really crisp edges on square cakes, when they only have buttercream, not a ganache, underneath the fondant. Here in France I am not allowed to produce a cake with ganache on it (because of the cream)...

Rita's Cakes

Walking dead Help!!How to paint on a chocolate mold?? 5

I have this walking dead zombie mold. I’m going to use almond bark so it comes out as a chocolate mold. How do you paint on chocolate? I’ve never done this before! I need all the advice I can get!

Beata Khoo

How to become a business 5

Hi Everyone I was looking to be come small business, because I still work in the nursery 6 hours a day however my cake orders getting bigger, first 2 years- it was just a little play however I am seriously considering change next year or so. I...