knitted effect cake

knitted wedding cake - Cake by Kellys Cakery
Knitted effect easter bunny hat and booties - Cake by Lynette Brandl
My Daughter Lucia's First Cake - Cake by SweetLin
Norwegian sweater cake - Cake by Jana Šetina-Köhlerová
Wedding cake chalkboard - Cake by Wendy Schlagwein
Baby cake - Cake by alenascakes
Kinitting basket cake - Cake by Cukniságok
Button owl - Cake by Cecilia Campana
Happy New Year 2016 - Cake by Domnaki's
Warm moments - Cake by Dasa
Babyshower Boy or Girl???? - Cake by Taartjes van An (Anneke)
Ronan's Christening Cake - Cake by Margaret Lloyd
Crochet Hobby Cake - Cake by Emma Lake - Cut The Cake Kitchen
Knitted Sheep Cake - Cake by Ventidesign Cakes
A Knitter's Birthday - Cake by Slice of Sweet Art
Teddy bears cake - Cake by Rositsa Lipovanska
Knitted Teddy Bear - Cake by Sweet Cakes
Knitting Cake - Cake by elifinlezzetevi
Wafer paper Christmas tree cake - Cake by Wooden Heart Cakes
Cozy Snowman - Cake by twinklefairycakes
Knitted Effect Cupcakes - Cake by Alison Bailey
Knitted Baby Shower, Elephant and Giraffe, Cake - Cake by Sue's - Dream Cakes
Snuggle this Muggle - Cake by Dozycakes
Winter wooly knitted bobble hat and mittens  - Cake by Lynette Brandl