Yoda cupcakes

How to make Star Wars Yoda cupcakes :) if you like the videos, please subscribe for more content ( it’s free! ) and be sure to share the videos with your friends.

How to make Yoda topper

In this video I am teaching how to make Yoda topper. I hope you like :) " https://youtu.be/VZqFdWUgIoA "

Fondant Cake Toppers #14: How to create Yoda from Star Wars - Cake Topper Tutorial

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Fondant Tutoriels #1: Head Yoda

Videotutorials - SweetArt by Eli #2: How to make a Star Wars Yoda

How to make a Star Wars Yoda in 13 minutes

The Making of Yoda's Face

This is my First Tutorial, so please be gentle. I hope all pictures are self explanatory :) If not please feel free to ask any questions :) Jenn https://www.facebook.com/pages/JJ-Cupcakes/160499270757988

How to make a Baby Yoda fondant cake topper!


Close up Yoda face from Star War.

And here the video for the finish Yoda Birthday cake. Thanks, for looking ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-vWiFR0vpQ

Interview #44: Dorothy Klerck

Dorothy’s: CakesDecor Profile | Website | FB Page Interview 1. Tell us a little about yourself, family, where do you live and what did you do for a living before making cakes if anything? I’m a Wife to Tobie and mom to Jack 17, Alex 14,...

CakesDecor Gazette: Issue 3.04 / April 2014

Editorial Hello my Lovelies, I LOVE a good reaction to my work….in fact, I think I can admit to being a big reaction junkie! There’s nothing like seeing joy on someone’s face and knowing that something you created with your hands put that...

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