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Sugar Flowers #25: ROSE , Free-Form, no Cutters

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=td_hIDJcqlo Hello everyone, hope you all well and had a lovely Easter. I have a new TUTORIAL here, if you like it please share!

Cold Porcelain Flowers

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How to Make Gum Paste Magnolia | No Cutters

How to make quick sugar Magnolia flower without any cutters. Hope you’ll enjoy it :)

Tarte de Fleurs

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How to Make a SUGAR ORCHID: NO CUTTERS, NO VEINERS, NO MOLDS - Queen of Sheba Variety

In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a Sugar Queen of Sheba Orchid using NO CUTTERS, NO VEINERS, and NO MOLDS. I believe the actual Queen of Sheba orchid is even smaller than the ones made in this tutorial but I chose the size presented...

The Confectionery Gallery

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How to Make a Pink/Fuschia Succulent with NO CUTTERS

This is the latest edition to my sugar succulent garden – a vibrant succulent crafted using NO CUTTERS and NO MOLDS. You can use the techniques in this tutorial to make your own unique pink(ish) succulent or create other sugar succulents without...

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How to Make Quick and Easy Roses and Filler Flowers | No Cutters

Hope you’ll enjoy the video! Please like and subscribe for more videos :) https://tartedefleurs.co.uk https://www.facebook.com/TartedeFleurscakes https://www.instagram.com/tartedefleurs

Tarte de Fleurs

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I took a Magnolia from a tree in my front yard and studied to recreate it in sugar – the sizes and shapes in this tutorial’s pdf petal templates came from actual measurements. You will need NO CUTTERS. Making a realistic sugar flower is all in...

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How to Make STANDING SUGAR SUNFLOWERS: No Cutters, No Veiners, No Molds

In this tutorial, you will learn how to make THREE different standing gumpaste sugar flowers: a ‘classic’ Yellow Sunflower with a light center, one modeled after a ‘Ring of Fire’ sunflower, and a Red Sunflower. You will be able to make these...

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Making flowers #9: White Allium Filler Flowers, No Cutters / (aka Free Form) , Cold Porcelain or Gumpaste

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H073Yz3rsiY&t=9s White filler flowers, fiddly but beautiful and satisfying when it all comes together. Plus filler flowers is a must if you are into making flower arrangements, first thing to learn , though...

Cold Porcelain Flowers

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Realistic Gunni Eucalyptus - NO CUTTERS Gumpaste Tutorial

After debating for a while which type of Eucalyptus I would attempt to recreate next in sugar (having created realistic Seeded Eucalyptus previously), I chose the Gunni variety. I was very fortunate enough to have come across actual Gunni...

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Multi-Colored Poinsettia: NO CUTTERS, NO VEINERS, NO MOLDS

The techniques in this tutorial can be used to create any multi colored sugar flower without the use of cutters, veiners, or molds. Although this particular Poinsettia may be a fantasy creation, I created the buds based on their realistic...

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