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Gum Paste Flowers Pansies

Hi everyone! There is my tutorial for flowers- pansies Cake Themes #13: Sugar Flowers and Gumpaste Flowers

It’s been a long time I posted a Blog entry to this Series. I noticed that there were lot of Sugar Flowers and Gumpaste flowers posted lately and I would like to show you some of them on one place. If you know about any other flowers that are on...

Gum Paste Flowers -Jasmine

Gum Paste Flowers - Peonies

Easy Christmas Rose - Gumpaste flowers with Petya Shmarova

Happy Holidays.

Quick Ref Guide - Wire Gauges for Sugar (Gumpaste) Flowers

Reference chart… very useful for beginners and intermittent flower makers

Gum Paste Flowers #2: Gum Paste Roses on Floral Wire

As with most wired gum paste flowers, the bases need to be made well in advance so they will be completely dry when you’re ready to start making the roses. For the bases you’ll need: 22 gauge (food safe) floral wire, needle nose pliers, gum glue...

Gum Paste Flowers #4: Carnations (not made on floral wire)

To make (non-wired) gum paste carnations, you’ll need: gum paste, rolling pin, small modeling tool (or popsicle stick, chopstick, etc.), carnation cutter or a scalloped round cutter, shaping foam, dusting pouch, dog bone/ball tool, veining tool,...

Gumpaste flowers #2: Sugar rose part 2 of 2

Learn how to make a lovely sugar rose … the tut is not in English but subtitle included This is part 2 of 2 parts enjoy if you liked my video please subscribe for more content, and i’ll be happy if you shared the videos with your friends...

Gum Paste Flowers #3: Rose Leaves on Floral Wire

To make gum paste leaves on floral wire, you’ll need: 26 gauge (food safe) wire, green gum paste, rolling pin, angled offset spatula, CelBoard, gum glue, rose leaf cutter, dusting pouch, and a leaf veining mold or shaping foam and veining tool. ...