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Elsa - Frozen #1: How to model Elsa - Frozen

Frozen Elsa Cake Tutorial

A free full length tutorial by Chef Serdar Yener on how to make a 3D Elsa Cake from the movie Frozen. Downloadable course material available at the following link…

Elsa tutorial by Bambola di zucchero

Mantello di Elsa in gelatina _ Coat of Elsa (gelatin)

Ecco il procedimento per realizzare il mio mantello di Elsa con la gelatina. Facile e di sicura riuscita. Il consiglio è di realizzarlo con il giusto anticipo, perchè i tempi di asciugatura possono essere molto variabili. Il clima e lo spessore...

modelling face (Elsa from Frozen))

Elsa Face Tutorial

make a ball of dough in a light skin color, mark with your thumbs to form the nose, with the vener tool contouring the nose with the rubber brush open up the holes in the nose and the contours , mark a line inclined to make...

Disney Frozen Cake toppers! #3: How to make Elsa chibi cake pops :)

How to make Elsa chibi cake pops :) If you like the videos, please subscribe for more content ( it’s free! ) and be sure to share the videos with your friends.

Elsa face tutorial link ♥

Elsa cake topper

Hi everyone! As usual, here is the cake topper that I made in October 14 for the birthday of my niece Giorgia. My sister Stefania prepared a chocolate cake filled and decorated with whipped cream, and I prepared the cake topper that Giorgia took...

cake toppers tutorials #9: Elsa - my way! - 27 minutes only!

Hi friends!!!! how are you? I hope you are doing super super well! with your families! Today, I want to share with you how to model Elsa my way. I took 1 hour modelling her, but the video is almost 30 minutes. I hope this is useful. ...