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Colouring #2: How to quickly and easily color wafer paper - stone effect

You will need: 1 wafer paper sheet, white color powder, black color powder, food alcohol, pearlescent color food powder (sorry, it’s not in the photo), a small piece of sponge, a cotton swab, black stamens, a wire, paintbrushes, scissors,...


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Botticelli painted cakes

I made these two following painted cakes as a tribute to Renaissance, taking inspiration from both Botticelli’s painting (Villa Lemmi fresco and The Fortitude) and italian majolica painting. I used the Deco Biscuit technique for the nude sponge...

Laura Saporiti SugarLand

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The Start of My Business #3: A year in the life of a caker baker

Well I looked at my blog and couldn’t believe it had been over a year since my last confession ( I mean post!) and wondered where on earth the time has gone, which got me thinking how much I have actually achieved this past 14 months. Back in...

Costa Cupcake Company

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The Cake & Bake Show 2013 #1: Review

My name is Sameera and I own Sweet Blossom Cakes based in Kent, U.K. I had the privilege of attending The Cake & Bake Show at Earl’s Court on behalf of Cakesdecor.com. My experience at the show was tremendous. I had the opportunity to meet...

Michal Bulla

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Rabbit Tutorial

You can find my tutorial on my Facebook page in German and English: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.713933202076553.1073741858.360285850774625&type=3 or on my homepage, where you can download the tutorial as a pdf too....


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CakesDecor Gazette: Issue 4.03 / March 2015

Welcome to the Issue 4.03 / March 2015 of the CakesDecor Gazette  Click here to view the CD Gazette archives ~ Click here to view Gazette in web browser ...

CuriAUSSIEty Cakes

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Piped Swans Chilling in a Pond

Summer is my favorite season I love the hot sunshiny days and the warm nights, and although I am crazy busy with weddings and bridal showers, I feel relaxed. The minute back school starts I seem to have a sense of rushing, almost as if the...


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Interview #60: Lori Ann Mahoney

Lori’s: CakesDecor Profile | Website | Facebook | Instagram Interview 1. Tell us a little about yourself, family, where do you live and what did you do for a living before making cakes if anything? I have lived in San Diego, California...

Michal Bulla

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Large Rose Tutorial

This tutoriial is based in part on Fran’s Rose tutorial : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYkPhb-_gDg but includes wired petals. Take a 20 gauge wire and a small styrofoam egg. The egg should be no bigger than the petal size of a 100mm...

Eleanor Heaphy

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Caymancake's Basic Vanilla Cupcake (with variations) Recipe

Caymancake’s Basic Cupcake Recipe 2 C self rising flour 1 C milk 3 large eggs 2 C granulated (white) sugar 1 C butter 2 tsp vanilla 1. Cream butter and sugar together. 2. Beat in eggs, one at a time. 3. Beat in vanilla. 4....