Making flowers #9: White Allium Filler Flowers, No Cutters / (aka Free Form) , Cold Porcelain or Gumpaste White filler flowers, fiddly but beautiful and satisfying when it all comes together. Plus filler flowers is a must if you are into making flower arrangements, first thing to learn , though...

Miniature snow white doll cake

Snow white doll cake video tutorial link is available right here: "":

Fondant White Rabbit tutorial (from Alice in Wonderland)

To continue my Alice in Wonderland theme tutorials I made a White Rabbit figure. Hope you will like him:)

Snow white doll cake tutorial

Here is link to free snow white doll cake tutorial my baby girl was so excited to see her birthday cake she told everyone that mommy made my cake. 😍

White Chocolate Limoncello Cupcakes


DF has been going through pound cake withdrawal, as you know from reading past posts DF, my husband, LOVES my pound cake flavor combinations. He was used to having a different flavored pound cake every other week (he would have a piece for...

Themed Birthday Cake #2: Pink and White Theme Elephant First Birthday Cake

** This cute lil Elephant is all set to rock the first birthday party of a lil Girl Shannon…

Baptism/ Christening Cake #1: Pinky White Baby stroller Christening Cake

A pink n white themed buttercream cake covered with fondant…with a baby stroller cake topper n a teddy by it’s side with palm n fingers, foot n toes print on the sides of the cake

My First Wedding Cake #1: Elegant Brown and White Wedding Cake

A white and brown theme 3 tier wedding cake adorned with dark brown chocolate flowers and gumpaste leaves, and wrapped with edible brown lace placed on a wooden slice with a bride and groom name cake topper. Loved working with it…

Making Modelling Chocolate

One of the beauties of Modelling Chocolate (I find) is it allows you more time to detail your work, and spend more time modelling in contrast to fondant and the other sugar-pastes which (for me) do tend to dry quicker, but then it depends on...

Coffee Filter Rose

Supplies: coffee filters, wire, green floral tape, alcohol, colour gel, if desired, scissors, white glue, small brush to apply glue, styrofoam square (to place your flower as you work), pencil, circle cutters…small, medium & large. I...