CakeHeaven by Marlene

Unfortunately I will not be there! Enjoy!


Ooh would have love to meet you Marlene <3

CakeHeaven by Marlene

Me too! Hope we will be able to meet some other time!


Oh you are lucky! 😍 So sorry that I will not be there to meet you!


Aww we are not so lucky with our meetings Martina :-(

Hope to meet you both some day Marlene and Martina xxx



jen lofthouse

i am gutted i cant go ,i started my entry then with my daughters neck injury i just wont get it finished.i will enter it in march though

Mother and Me Creative Cakes

Hi Daantje, I am going for some of the time, dropping off the pieces on Friday morning, then most of the day Sunday. Good luck with your entry if you are competing x Angie

Calli Creations

I’m there from Thursday till Sunday. Exhibiting as well as three demonstrations… looking forwards to it and seeing you all!!
Good luck with your entries and stay calm 💕💕

So sorry to hear Jenny, hope she gets better soon. 💕


Oww so sorry to hear that Jenny 😒
Hopes she is feeling beter soon xx

Angie i do not have a entry, hih i am too scared for that 😬
I am there only on saturday.

Callie hope too see you there 💕

Karen Dodenbier

I am also going for the first time Daantje! Hope to see you there. We arrive in Birmingham early Friday morning and go back to Holland on Monday morning. A whole weekend of fun!!!!! X

jen lofthouse

thanks calli and daantje, but good luck everyone i cant wait to see all the pictures :)


Ooh that is great Karen!
That was our plan too but i had a cake for saturday! The client is so sweet to pick up the cake friday now we arive at saturday morning and leave monday in the early evening😊
Only one day CI because this weekend is a birthday present for my hubbie😄😄

Sweet Side of Cakes by Khamphet

Oh, so sorry Jenny!!! Hope she is feeling better!!

Danielle, can’t wait to meet you!!! Yay!!!! xxx

Bety'Sugarland by Elisabete Caseiro

I will be there the three days! :D


I’ll be there on Sunday, I was going to enter but I was ill for a few weeks, forgot about it and missed the deadline, typical, I finally get up the courage to enter and I miss the deadline for entries lol. Still really excited for CI though, been the last two years and loved every second of it

Amanda’s Little Cake Boutique

I’m going! I’m competing, so dropping off Friday morning, then back most of Sunday with the family :-) Seriously starting to think I’m running out of time…..better get off the PC then!!! :-D

Aga Leśniak

i will be there all 3 days too:)

Elli Warren

I will be there on the Friday :-) Hope I get to meet you and lots of other lovely ladies from CakesDecor! :-) xx


Lots of fun ladies and good luck with the competition!

Yay Kamphet can’t wait 😄😄😄
Oww Elli i am there only on saturday😒

The Cookie Lab by Marta Torres

Going this year for the first time in order to meet you all.

Roo's Little Cake Parlour

I will be there, hopefully all weekend. Am really looking forward to seeing all the fabulous cakes and have also got a long list of shopping to do too! Hope to catch up with some of you there. I have s bag with my logo/name on, I should carry that instead of wearing the proverbial red carnation 😁