Dessert By Design (Krystle)

Hi Mel!! Loved reading your story xo fellow mom of 4!! :)

Little Apple Cakes

Mel, wonderful story and photos!!! Your kids are so beautiful!

Zoe White

Lovely story! your kids are adorable!

Cake Decor in Cairns

I always love learning a little more about you Mellie ♡ and your kids a super gorgeous! !! xoxo

Allways Julez

Love your story and great pics! I know what it is like to miss your sport and how hard it is to get fit again. Absolutely loved your “Animal” cake…. and does anybody like Marmite? !!!

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Ha Ha….a girl after my own heart…..hates marmite!!!! Sweet children….your a busy Mom!! Don’t know where you find the time to cake…but your cakes are lovely….

Mira - Mirabella Desserts

Loved your story, Mel! So nice to learn more about you. Your kids and your cakes are beautiful! :) xx

Cakes by Janice

can;t help but smile while reading your story. Your children are beautiful!

The Custom Piece of Cake

Hi Mel,
nice to meet you, lovely to read about you and nice pics of your family, your work is amazing, a new follower in me

Mila - Pure Cakes by Mila

Hi Mellie, great story. I just love your work. I hope you will be fit again to pick up net ball again!…uh…. Marmite, yak!!!

Estrele Cakes

Marmite mmmm :) though i think marmitte cupcakes would be rank!
Love The pics you put up And Always love learning extra details :) xx

Elli Warren

Love your story Mel!! Your children look beautiful!! Your cakes are fantastic!! Big fan of your work!! :-) x

Sweet Rocket Queen (Simona Stabile)

Fantastic story Mel <3

The Custom Cakery

Thanks so much you lovely bunch <3 I may have been wiser to do it when not extremely tired and after 3 glasses of red wine…hehe. Well it was Friday night!

Mandy's Sugarcraft

Hi Mel, nice to meet you x We love going to Middleham for our hols – all those horses and green spaces – you’re very lucky to live in that part of the world!


Hi Mellie <3


Love finding out more about you Mellie :-) Your kiddywinks are sooo gorgeous!!

Enza - Sweet-E

Hi Mel…Love your story and your kiddies are so cute :)

Sweet ObsesShan

Hey Mel, your children are beautiful, my youngest is 14 now, but remember the days when they were so little. Love your story and it is nice to learn more about you here. Love your creations and seeing what you make next. I have to admit that I looked up what marmite was and it sounds gross. Take care and happy caking.

Enchanting Merchant Company

Hi Mellie….love your journey…. Gorgeous kids….love your work wonderful lady!!! xo The Other Mellie :)))))))

Time for Tiffin

Mel Mel Mel come on you know you love Marmite really just stop denying it.


Hi Mel, I loved reading your intro!! :) Your work is fab….new follow from me! ~April


Hi Mel, what a lovely story, is nice to know you better :) Btw your children so adorable xxx

Karen's Kakery

Hi Mel, I think between your family and your cakes you’re a very busy lady xx Nice to meet you x

Elizabeth Miles Cake Design

Hi Mel, great to find out more about you, what lovely kids! My husbands sister lives in Skipton, we are off to meet them in Leeds on Tuesday to watch Pearl Jam can’t wait. How ever do you manage your cakes around 4 kids I only have 2 and am a wreck at the end of the day. I love your work, thanks for all your support on CD and FB xx


Lovely family!!!!

Gulnaz Mitchell

Haha! Melanie, love your sense of humour! What a lovely story of your “cake journey” and GORGEOUS photo of kids! You are very busy Mum!
We have a lot in common, including love for cake decorating, disappointed sad husbands when the cakes are going through the front door and three glasses of red wine! Haha! But have to admit, something is not the same, I love marmite!!!!

Znique Creations

Hi Mel, fantastic story and so nice to get to know you better

Josie Durney

What a lovely story <3

The Custom Cakery

Thanks so much ladies :)

Yorkshire is gorgeous, we are lucky. We have woods and a river running through our village too. Probably don’t appreciate it enough!

Yes my children are pretty gorgeous, haha ;) It’s funny how as a woman, with all your own insecurities and self doubt, you can look at your own children and know they are completely and utterly the most beautiful creations on God’s earth! One of the many great ironies of womanhood :)

Gulnaz that puts you on team Liz…she baits me with marmite photos constantly! Haha. Thanks for the support the anti marmiters ;)

Pearl Jam Lizzie?! Wow, that takes me back! Hope you enjoy the gig :)

Vanilla cake boutique

Well …. what we live with our families every day.
Beautiful photos! I follow :) you


Your kids are adorable. I love England. I have only been there once for a week coming back from a Russian field school

SugarMagicCakes (Christine)

Hi Mellie! Ive never had Marmite so I cant join either side! ;-)
Loved hearing more about you! Can I come and live in your village it sounds amazing! I’m on a council estate in Manchester, it has its pretty spots but id love to live in the country.
Btw your kids are sooo cute, you should let Ben do your hair every day! ;-))

Lily White's Party Cakes

Love seeing the personal side of your cakes! ;-)